24 comments on “Pioneers of MMA: Kazushi Sakuraba Preview”

  1. rsnk1禅氣空水 says:

    All Brazilians hail to the Gracie hunter!! You did not create jiu jitsu
    this mans great ancestors did on the battlefields of feudal medieval
    Japan!! there is nothing brazialian about ju jitsu! without Mr. Mitsuyo
    Maeda showing the gracie’s there would be no “Brazilian jiu jitsu” at all

  2. Edge Snob says:

    He made the Gracie’s look like white belts.

  3. Moon Spire says:

    I would like to see the face of the person who took Ronda Rousey’s
    virginity. Or is she still a virgin?

  4. Motherfucking Snakes On The Plane says:

    Who tha fuck is dis scrublord
    Nobody got time for dat scrub
    Everybody awaits justin bieber’s debut
    Dana it’s time u signed JB now give him a match
    He will destroy anybody
    Name one guy that can defeat JB that’s right u can’t name anyone cause JB
    is an indestructible master of war

  5. ShlomoMetzenbaum says:

    Who is the last guy to actually end his career on a high note? I wish guys
    would know when their time is up and actually leave a lasting legacy.
    Instead, guys like Sakuraba, Liddell, Henderson and many more keep on
    fighting until people only remember them for getting too old and losing the
    ability to hang with the new breed. Can anyone think of some guys who
    decided to end their career on a high note, and not on a losing/getting
    frequently knocked out or submitted note.

    Anderson Silva should have retired after he beat Chael in the rematch. I
    don’t think anyone in the world would have been upset considering at the
    time, not many people even wanted to see the Weidman fight. He could have
    retired as champion, after beating the only man to ever actually put him in
    any danger. Instead, he got knocked out, then broke his leg, then came back
    lackluster and tested positive for steroids. Now his legacy is basically

  6. nipols says:

    Fought above his weight class where everyone is on steroids stop the mystic
    of the Gracie family. Enough said real true Samurai Warrior!!!!

  7. Turk man says:

    1:41 ” The inventors ” ? erm hello Pankration back in ancient greece ?

  8. Alessandro Scuderi says:

    I got into MMA late and feel bad I dont know much about the guy, I always
    hear people reference him as a legend and their favorite fighter

  9. EpicGamers007 says:

    I’m surprised that he lost to Wanderlei Silva 3 times

  10. oliskranz says:

    um, the Gracie´s aren´t inventors of the sport, Japan had the first MMA
    organisations way before UFC, and they were never unaccustomed to

  11. Chris Purolover says:

    The greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time. 

  12. Stalker says:

    That brought back the good old memory’s from pride the Gracie hunter total

  13. blink180heights says:

    when the first viewer dislikes… he should go spank himself

  14. TitanIsBack says:

    A guy who wants nothing to do with the UFC for the way they treated him.
    Keep doin what you’re doin Saku!

  15. UFC Québec says:

    La série “Pionniers des AMM” vous présente Kazushi Sakuraba! Partagez vos
    souvenirs de ce légendaire athlète. http://on.ufc.com/1IaSj2w

  16. Tothy Veigh says:

    Fuck, now I finally have to get Fightpass

  17. miguelram10 says:

    I heard most of his fights were fixed

  18. Csaba Illés says:

    Khmm…. “Our sport”. Really Ariel? “Our sport”. Please do tell something
    interesting about “your” sport!

  19. Austin Marquez says:

    Japanese like that 

  20. Misanthrope says:

    Looks like PED’s to me!

  21. XiMen6663 says:

    Should be in the UFC Hall of Fame

  22. TheVJProduction says:

    sakuraba a legend.

  23. snakebyte18 says:

    I remember buying all the pride dvds that were coming out in the 1st half
    of the 00’s and seeing him on the card of a few of those just got me all
    excited to see this guy. Unfortunately one of those fights was the one
    where W. Silva knocked his ass out cold. Great legend none the less.

  24. JACKAL01D says:

    Prime Kazushi Sakuraba vs Anderson Silva ? 

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