5 comments on “Q&A #6 – MMA FIGHT PREP / GSP OR HENDRICKS?”

  1. McDonnell87 says:

    Great vids mr izzo very informative. I was wondering if you could suggest a
    decent wing chun guy in Perth Western Australia if you possibly know of
    someone? I seen the ebmas system developed by emin boztepe but wasn’t sure
    about it? Good luck in you future endeavours and keep the awesome vids
    coming thank you.

  2. tarek mrkzen says:

    Awesome video. How can i ask something for the next Q e A people?

  3. Andre Liu says:

    subscribe to me? i think you’ve got me mixed up with somebody else dom!

  4. riddick49 says:

    Fantastic video, really good anwers there!

  5. tomasdoyle1212 says:

    this was cool

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