25 comments on “Quickest tapout in MMA James Gallagher SBG”

  1. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Quickest Tapout in MMA*

  2. bluezone28 says:

    i respect the guy

  3. Luis Saavedra says:

    He used the force to make him tap

  4. castiel241 says:


  5. Lyotodossantos says:

    It seems like this guy signed the fight just to tap. 

  6. John Roberts says:

    Don’t give a guy the contract he thinks he deserves and they do this. It’s
    only a matter of time before one of the Diaz brothers pulls this. 

  7. Justin Cowan says:

    Maybe he wanted to screw over the promoter 

  8. Lukey Blu says:

    *Quickest Tapout in MMA*

  9. Arlene Mullen says:

    James must have given a scary first impression 

  10. dlov60 says:

    He must have had his reasons. No harm, no foul.

  11. Judgemental Jase says:

    Bet against himself and didn’t want to take any punishment.

  12. Craig Smith says:

    Oh noh, oh noh

  13. Cuco Becerra says:

    Maybe he had to use the restroom.

  14. Saul Campa says:

    Never Back Down……

  15. ramfys delgado says:

    That moment he realizes fuck all those YouTube videos won’t help for what’s
    about to happen.

  16. Daniel Jones says:


  17. Carlo G says:

    What the fuck was that? Real life troll. Weak

  18. lizispagan says:

    Interesting Facebook response to this incident from one of the world’s best
    MMA trainers, John Kavanagh. Food for thought: It reads…

    There was a strange incident on Saturday night but on reflection it’s one
    that i’m surprised doesn’t happen more. A young fighter tapped out just as
    the fight started. Have you stepped in a cage and fought in front of
    thousands where you risk being embarrassed or injured in front of family
    and loved ones? If you have not, then nothing I can say will even begin to
    describe the emotions you have in the days leading up to it which are
    amplified in the hours before you’re called from your dressing room. You
    may have heard of the term ‘fight or flight’ but unless you have
    experienced it then you’ve no clue how much FLIGHT is the option you’re
    whole being cries for. One of the most feared fighters of all time Iron
    Mike Tyson famously tried to escape his first contest by climbing out the
    bathroom window. There is a reason MMA has millions and millions of people
    who watch it but only a very select few who do it.

    Cage Contender is a big show, rarely having less than 1500 in attendance.
    It is the coach’s responsibility to keep his fighters on smaller shows
    until it’s clear they are ready for that big step up. In amateur boxing
    they compete in front of a handful of people week in and week out. Usually
    just fellow boxers watching, maybe a friend who has paid a euro or two in.
    There is very little build up and not much emphasis placed on the result
    either. It’s not until years and years at this level that the very very
    tiny percentage of fighters who graduate from this process may get to fight
    in front of thousands. In amateur MMA guys can potentially fight in front
    of thousands of paying, drinking, screaming fans on their first contest.
    This is way too much pressure in an already very emotional situation.
    They’re not getting paid to entertain these people so shouldn’t feel the
    urge to. Only after years of BJJ competition, MMA league, amateur
    boxing/kickboxing, wrestling etc should they even consider putting
    themselves into a situation where they will feel this. There’s no rush and
    at end of the day you’ve nobody to impress except yourself.

    If I could speak to that young fighter, I would tell him that the ones who
    matter still love you, it’s just a sporting contest at the end of the day.
    Not that big of a deal. The ones who don’t matter to you can say what they
    want, at the end of the day they don’t matter! You’re young and life is
    short so put this behind you, learn from it and move on. If you’re ever in
    Dublin and want to train at SBG the door is always open and you will be

  19. MMatcheads says:

    BUT WHY?

  20. Lee Lloyd says:

    He was dying to take a shit

  21. daniel bar-on says:

    *Quickest Tapout in MMA*

  22. eXcRaiNmaN says:

    If he felt unhealthy before the fight then he shouldn’t have ever made it
    into the cage in the first place.. that’s blatant disrespect to his
    opponent, the promotion, and the audience.

    On the other hand, if he had a panic attack or related situation after
    stepping into the cage.. that’s more excusable. Putting yourself in harms
    way when you’re mentally/physically incapable of competing against someone
    who’s job to inflict harm upon you.. that would be a very poor decision.
    If THIS was the case, I admire his ability to swallow his pride and make
    the intelligent decision rather than taking unnecessary punishment. Of
    course there is blame to be placed on himself and/or his team for allowing
    an unprepared fighter for this.. but it is what it is.

  23. Raoul Wallenberg says:

    That was a long distance guillotine choke.

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