‘Rampage’ Jackson: “Fighters Like Glover Is What Makes MMA”

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson spoke with UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani after a disappointing loss to Brazilian phenom Glover Teixeira. What’s next for ‘Rampage’ after his final fight in the UFC?

24 comments on “‘Rampage’ Jackson: “Fighters Like Glover Is What Makes MMA””

  1. bigbuzin555 says:

    Hurt my heart to hear Rampage say that he doesn’t think he can hang anymore. Personally I’m shocked he lost. Rampage hasn’t lost a toe to toe fight since he fought Shogun. Glover took him down WAYYY too easy so to me that shows his knees are shot. Even Jon Jones couldn’t take him down that easy

  2. NikevsJordansxD says:


  3. OMGWTFShizznat says:

    get a new fucking camp

  4. duvalinhn says:

    And where the fuck do you get your sense of self-worth, cocksucker? I use the comments section to post a comment. That’s the purpose of this. You get online to start shit with people you don’t see face to face because you’re a chickenshit faggot with nothing better to do.
    Enlighten me, fuck face, what do you do that’s so important to humanity?

  5. GoonSquadRMZ450 says:

    His time has passed. He needs to hang it up before he turns out like Liddell and loses so much on his way out, pep don’t remember him for the great fighter he was…

  6. Awesomeguy614 says:

    I think he’s misguided and has too much confidence in his hands. His boxing is great by MMA standards, don’t think he’d do well in boxing.

  7. Tom Scott says:

    rampage wants to be the next gary goodridge…….

  8. return2k2 says:

    Rampage Jackson is done. As a matter of fact, Rampage was lucky to beat Loyoto Machida.

  9. TWISTSTR says:

    So basically you have to beat Rampage in a fight in order to get his respect.

  10. 04ngsnake says:

    Page im one of your biggest fans but how were you tired in the first rounds? Teixeria didn’t beat you you beat your self up or your body isn’t there anymore! ! Think about it he went all 5 rounds against dan hendo so this should have been no problem for him!!!!

  11. CIutching says:

    Rampage said it, plus it is worth a try 🙂

  12. mikemugs7 says:

    Dan hardy? hes a welterweight

  13. lukethebigmanking says:

    and you can say this because you are important to the world why?

  14. duvalinhn says:

    Rampage is too proud to just shut up and work hard for the UFC, despite whatever personal problem he may have with the company, and he’s too stupid to learn from his past mistakes to see that the grass is not greener outside of the UFC. He thought doing movies would make him an instant millionaire and he came back when he realized otherwise and now he thinks boxing will do the same. I give him 6 months before he’s doing crazy antics in WWE for half the money he was making in UFC.

  15. jwka2001 says:


  16. alex sanchez says:

    RAmpage TAKe a BReak! get some new coaches! and do pranic healing for your knees and get a different Skillset I want to see you try heavyweight for a comeback and maybe a top 15 opponent in the heavyweight or lower like dan hardy or bellator or boxing!

  17. Pyrochyde says:

    Rampage’s cardio was shit, and he does nothing but throw hooks. Thats why he lost.

  18. taozen1 says:

    I enjoyed the fact that Rampage was so honest about the fight and his decline as has gotten older. It is refreshing for him to be so honest and straight forward in the interview.

  19. Sullywullynully says:

    he is in a new one.

  20. realfreakaynaughtay says:

    Damn, sad that Rampage isn’t in love with the sport anymore.

  21. slater50 says:

    Rampage needs to go to a new fight camp to get the spunk back!

  22. ManNamedMachine says:


  23. stonebridge999 says:

    Translation: “I can’t win at a high level anymore”
    HA! Bet Reebok’s pissed.

  24. jj987666 says:

    really dumb comment. What are you suggesting? It’s fixed? It’s called sports. Jordan didn’t go out on top, Ali lost 2 in a row to end his career, look at Brett Favre.

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