Rampage Jackson on Leaving The UFC, Teixeira Respect, Awkward BJJ Positions + What’s Next

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant sits down with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and hears what he has to say about his fight with Glover Teixeira, which took place three days earlier at the UFC on FOX 6 event on January 26th, 2013. Rampage didn’t have the chance to do a post-fight interview on the broadcast, so he takes this opportunity to speak to his fans after what may have been his last fight inside the UFC’s octagon. Rampage lets us know why he wants to leave the organization, what he’d like to do if he does depart and what some of his highlight moments were while he fought for the UFC. He also gives his thoughts on Glover Teixeira, his career in movies, his evolution as a MMA fighter, his affinity for female reporters and his distaste for certain Jiu Jitsu positions. // JUMP TO SECTIONS IN THE VIDEO \ * Farewell to the UFC: 0:26 * The Good Times in the UFC: 16:48 * Glover Teixeira: 20:05 * I Like My Women… : 28:00 *

24 comments on “Rampage Jackson on Leaving The UFC, Teixeira Respect, Awkward BJJ Positions + What’s Next”

  1. TheVileOne says:

    Rampage will never be cast as Luke Cage.

  2. Majid Hussain says:

    lol this interview gets funny near the end. Good interview.

  3. Bradley M says:

    Do you like dragons?

  4. ZPSBestProfileName says:

    “You’re”, not “Your”.

    🙂 u so angry

  5. ZPSBestProfileName says:

    I think it’s amazing people thumbed this down considering what I said was fine.

    I don’t even dislike Karyn, I was just arguing that the guy’s logic was flawed when he put down the other guy.

  6. Stein R says:

    Is it only me that thought Rampage actually went Ahead and fought a good hard strong fight?

  7. 1986Sane says:

    So fucking true dude. Irks me every time Jones does that shit. So dangerous

  8. FiftyTonWarMachine says:

    i want your huge forehead on my balls

  9. volgore21 says:

    Its sad listening to your shitty videos. You sound like a retard.

  10. RompYa says:

    Rampage was from one of the most feared KO artists to a lazy, unmotivated, fat bum. He could have been one of the best, but no. He didn’t want to ‘wrassle’ or use some ‘low kicks’ (as Rogan said), instead he got rag dolled by the best. I stop being his fan after his loss to Rashad. Frankly, I was expecting him to go out with bang and finish Glover. Rampage is a fucking classless fraud.

  11. ravssusanoo says:

    Great interview.

  12. ramrod20042000 says:

    Yes, kicks to a athlete’s knees should be banned! Dana could do this today, if he really cared about the Fighters.

  13. PhilJared187 says:

    Karyn wants the Dick so bad

  14. M1GHTYN1MR0D says:

    I think you’re one sexy lady, with decent mma/fight knowledge.

  15. moneyxl00 says:

    I love Karyn Bryant 😀

  16. MooseheadStudios says:

    Don’t feed the Trolls Karen you great!

  17. Dwei99 says:

    Going to miss Rampage in the UFC, he is one of the reasons I started watching the promotion. Great interview, good luck with the recovery. Also Karyn Bryant is quickly becoming one of my favorite combat sports journalist, she has a great way of getting the fighters to open up.

  18. jetfightercn says:

    rampage is mentally a baby.

  19. mmagenius2 says:


  20. mmagenius2 says:


  21. mmagenius2 says:


  22. MrDarkstuff says:

    Karyn…. you’re hot…and by the way, you also do great enterviews as well

  23. mmagenius2 says:

    Your a fucking retard

  24. scientist211 says:

    Don’t cry darling, you’re a great journalist.

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