25 comments on “Rampage Jackson says he is back, says alot of mma fans are sheep & talks Tito fight”

  1. Gt Coe says:

    rampage is staring at this dudes hair like he wants to kill him

  2. fighthub says:

    he had a meeting to go to

  3. Oblivion109 says:

    yeah, well now he’s going to be sucking that cock while he’s training bellator.

  4. bigmoneyhombre says:

    My nigga is back! ! Nigga you gay

  5. atyourfuneral says:

    Hey guys, Rampage is back! Really!

  6. s bhattachan says:

    watch his past 4 fights pre fight interviews and he says the same shit.. I m back but he is never back..cry baby..whimpage!!!!

  7. paul sally says:

    hes like a little kid with the whole im back and shitting on ufc. ive been a rampage fan for a long time but man you couldnt cut it anymore and its that simple. good luck whooping on tito whos only coming to get paid.

  8. bibafortuna says:

    lets see john fitch go there as some other stars
    bring back the tournaments
    bring back the stomps
    bring back the soccer kicks and knees to a downed opponent
    and am a fan of bellator for life

  9. eddylon1983 says:

    what about at night?

  10. burlhorse89 says:

    Bisping trains in the states???He use to train with Rampage b4 moving

  11. droopy362 says:

    i wish quinton would of fight shogun before he left the ufc

  12. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    6:45 wtf?? LOL spin doctors?

  13. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    nigga says he back every fight

  14. froggerdog1 says:

    damn, look at that big ol head, i want that in my pussy

  15. RiseFrom TheAshes says:

    He also used to fight people that suck.

  16. br3ktw says:

    Can’t help but to like Rampage when he goofs but sounds like both him and Tito just couldn’t handle Dana’s brutal truth.

  17. TheLastFraudster says:

    Please be trolling.lol

  18. armytaskforce11x says:

    whats bellator?
    i only know UFC because am armenian and have big cars and fuck big bad bitches

  19. brann2200 says:

    ive watched every episode of 24/7 from 140 to 154 pounds and i also have seen nearly every interview floyds done up to now and he’s a shameless liar that spends more betting on the game then helping others hes the highest paid athlete and was in fact turned in by his kids so maybe if you knew what you were on about id throw more out but you don’t.you’re just trying to save face! hes a bigot that only helps people in need when there are cameras in front of him.i told you! he has his own media!

  20. jqcyclops says:

    Dear Fighthub,
    ALOT is not a word.This is all.

  21. crafty112 says:

    Lmao why can’t the interview be longer? Seems like you guys could of went in longer but people started to rush it.

  22. illseed254 says:

    I like UFC… but Zuffa Zombies are probably the worst kind of humans right after Sonnen fans. Zuffa Zombies are turning UFC in to WWE and while you retards do that Boxing is growing and getting new names and stars. Adrien Broner is pretty new to Boxing and he’s a bigger name than the top fighter in UFC… ZUFFA ZOMBIES BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  23. 30mmBalistic says:

    Hey Senior Citizen Whaaaapage do you TRAIN UFC? Do you still ram pregnant women with monster truck then run like a bitch?

  24. Santana105 says:

    Michael Bisping hasn’t trained at Wolfslair in ages dude

  25. Santana105 says:

    lol at how UFC sucks, yet you guys are both 0-3 in your last 3 at that org and still think you are relevant…

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