24 comments on “Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz on their switch to Bellator MMA”

  1. Spider Steve says:

    u can tell rampage feels the guilt. he knows dana and ufc helped him out and hes feelin like a cunt. tito was born a cunt

  2. Adam R says:

    They got paid, simple as that. You have to win fights and they’re done in the big league

  3. jon li says:

    If somehow they get back into the UFC they’re going to say how great UFC is and how shitty Bellator is…..smfh. Both need to retire already especially Tito

  4. TheTruthiest says:

    It’s better for the sport if there is competition between leagues and not just 1 dominant league. That way, the Dana White and the UFC know they can’t treat the fighters and fans like shit without paying the price. If you support MMA (and not just the UFC), you should support this show.

  5. kooltomax says:

    In 5-10 years, either UFC or Bellator will be bought out by the other.

  6. Alex Geee says:

    Two of the few ufc fighters that made the ufc popular

  7. TheCodedtestament says:

    I was a huge fan of Bellator about a year ago and I can’t even believe what kind of a show it has turned into.
    They are shedding negative light on the sport. First, this PPV is announced and now two washed up UFC fighters are going to be the main focal point of their brand for the next few months.

  8. illilillili says:

    I love when fighters are given the opportunity to entertain without some alpha douchebag trying to control every aspect.

  9. jake bays says:

    ufc, tna, bellator all suck

  10. coltcomphbar says:

    They would whoop your ass. lol

  11. doleac g says:

    two disgruntle employees

  12. imjuschilln801 says:

    People keep saying they stick and they’re washed up but I bet they’d still beat any of the haters ass.

  13. ryan flippin says:

    Mr. T

  14. pakzin86 says:

    Two old ass fighters. And they both suck.

  15. Bo Jon says:

    2 douche bags lol

  16. AirTran6 says:

    u obviously dont watch the ufc no way he cant beat 90% he has no ground game and hes getting older and lost most of his KO power

  17. epathebay says:

    Rampage could still beat 90% of the guys in UFC division

  18. Malibu Kid says:

    Shut up Chael!

  19. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Whatever Rampage lol

  20. The_HBK_23 says:

    Didn’t Tito knock out Rampage with a hammer a couple weeks ago on TNA?

  21. YourDadHasAJumpShot says:

    dana never could get a fedor fight in ten years… bs

  22. YourDadHasAJumpShot says:

    Dana White is the Donald Trump of MMA…. good for the company, a name that rings out… but a complete whore and inconsiderate of everything around him..

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