25 comments on “Rampage “Mayweather not boring” was suppose to have MMA match w/Roy Jones Jr.”

  1. EBTerriers says:

    no shit , you work that all by yourself ?


    RJJ is a purple belt in bjj????? GTFOH!

  3. kalomar07 says:

    Rampage never got knocked out in UFC and only got finished by Jon Jones..

  4. Tj16903 says:

    rampage was chill in this interview 🙂 im happy for him

  5. TopShelf says:

    Oh, really? Well, I was at the Jardine fight and people booed all through it. He couldn’t finish any of those guys. He fought Hendo to a decision and Hendo fought Anderson next and got finished. He fought Jardine to a decision and in his next fight he got KO’D by an Ultimate Fighter. Then, he fought Forrest to a decision and Forrest got KTFO in his next fight against Rashaad. Yeah, Jackson is an underachiever, overrated, and BORING!!! Deal with it.

  6. TopShelf says:

    Hey genius, take that Wand avatar down, because you don’t know jack-shit about him if you think he lost to Page in Pride, and while your at it take a reading comprehension class, because I didn’t mention anything about Q.J. in Pride in my comment. Don’t embarrass yourself anymore with a reply, for your own sake.

  7. MeLlamoEddie says:

    Rampage would get absolutely destroyed in boxing. In MMA it’s 50/50 John Jones would Rape Jr in MMA.

  8. lewis harvie says:

    Described himself an GSP

  9. Flux234 says:

    No idea why people are hatin so much on the Tito v Rampage fight. It’s a fun fight that we all are going to watch anyways.

  10. boxingisthebestfool says:

    How the fuck is Rampage going to beat RJJ in a boxing match?

  11. TCthaCrisis says:

    His only flaw was the damn judges robbing him.LOL

  12. TCthaCrisis says:

    Maybe 10 years ago

  13. Cassius Clay says:

    The same way it’d be murder by way of Jackson in an MMA match.

  14. Raymond Klawiter says:

    First off “rampage”, just cause you fucked up with the biggest and best promotion, you’re gonna call mma fans “sheep”? You have to show some respect to the fans, because you wouldn’t be where you were once at! Because we buy the tickets we buy the pay per views. You aren’t nobody an neither is that big block head washed up has been you’re fighting. Bellator just became wwe! An RJJ would embarrass the shit out of you! Just stick with the fake wrestling. Jerk off!

  15. jack black says:

    holy shit how much does rampage weigh here looks like a HW.
    been doing far too much TRT and HGH, raised eyebrow ridges ect!

  16. Zander Cage says:

    hahah 117 wins with 14 ko’s…i’d rather was my parents have sex for a month str8….i’d rather watch paint dry. i’d rather repeatedly slam my cock and balls in a car door!!!

  17. thetruthis9 says:

    im sure it surprised you when he’s appeared in this vid…

  18. MrDusterzz says:

    Sheep? Fuck you rampage. Your washed up. You’ll win, boringly but Tito really sucks.

  19. Instigator2012 says:

    RJJ would destroy rampage in a boxing match…

  20. jamesmmu says:

    Rampage is one of the most annoying people to listen to now, luckily he’s fighting the worst person to mic in front of.

  21. BryanxAguilar says:

    was the best defensive fighter until Floyd jr

  22. mmadigest says:

    Bellator added Alvarez/Chandler 2 to the card, that’s a great rematch.

  23. Terrell J says:

    In boxing Pharnell Whitaker was known as the best defensive fighter check out the art of defense simply amazing his only flaw was he played around with his opponents.

  24. Mr40Smith says:

    I think any true boxing fan would enjoy any mayweather fight, it’s impossible to be “bored” watching somebody with that much skill connect over and over without getting hit. If you’re in it strictly for the blood and guts then you’re better off watching UFC

  25. PX917 says:

    Who else read the title and thought Mayweather was gonna fight Roy Jones in MMA?? Lol i had a blonde moment

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