22 comments on “Randy Couture on the GOAT in MMA – Anderson SIlva, Fedor or St-Pierre?”

  1. fighthub says:

    Randy Couture on the GOAT in MMA – Anderson SIlva, Fedor or St-Pierre?

    So what’s everyones take on this subject? I know its super subjective but
    curious to hear your opinions on this. Sound off! Make sure to tweet us
    also @fighthubtv on who you think is GOAT ! 

  2. Rivaldo Sammah says:

    junior dos santos, cain velasquez and GSP all said fedor is the greatest.
    enuff said!!!!

  3. Muyanzi Reid says:

    Jon Jones is the GOAT, case closed.

  4. hawkermustang says:

    Randy Couture was a beast!

  5. cujo905 says:

    The Fedor debate has went on for years but the facts are that Pride was
    alittle suspect. Plenty of fixed fights and no concern for performance
    enhancers. Fedor was great but Anderson, GSP and I hate to say Jones are
    ahead of him. 

  6. WILL TOVAR says:

    Fuck Anderson Silva he is NO way in hell the best ever it is Jon Jones
    Silva beat a lot of fighters when the sport was barely evolving into what
    it is today ,the quality of fighters is way better and all the past champs
    would have a lot of trouble againts todays opposition,i hate how joe rogan
    licks silva s nuts every time he see s him,pathetic fuck the spider Weidman
    beat his ass twice and literally broke him the second time

  7. Sam T says:

    Jon Jones is the GOAT. Who does coke, goes on vacation brazil, while DC is
    bustin his balls in side the gym with Cain all weeks before the biggest
    fight of his life?
    And even when he enters rehab, he defeats his addictions in one day. He is

  8. VNESTRADA13 says:

    jose bernal that funny cause Jon Jones havent lost a fight and Cain has lol

  9. putolfo says:

    Nahh Jon “eye coked” i mint poked aint it GSP`hands down

  10. André Amorim says:

    Anderson is the GOAT! And he is back!

  11. Adam James Emelianenko says:

    “No goats, just horses”- Alistair Overeem

  12. sharky H says:

    Say what you want about gsp, he defeated three different generations of mma

  13. Mr33pantera says:

    well that was a waste of time

  14. I can't stand shit eating Commie rats says:

    Thanks for all the great fights Couture, you truly have a warrior spirit 

  15. Billythebassist says:

    Dude has his priorities straight…. legit mofo.

  16. rollexx says:

    randy wont answer this, bc every champion past and present believes he is
    the GOAT lol

  17. PurpsAllDay420 says:

    lol that techno music came on right at the end, Randy is like fuck the
    interview where da mollies at

  18. jose bernal says:

    Jon Jones isn’t goat. He’d get destroyed by Cain.

  19. Native Blood says:

    Weak video man.

  20. MrColdwatercanyon says:


  21. the leither says:

    if there was one it would be fedor his record speaks for its self

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