25 comments on “RARE Pre UFC 1981 REAL Bloodsport HONG KONG KUMITE KO MMA Fights UFC Vet RV Clief JCVD Van Damme!”

  1. TheCombatSystem.com says:

    GUYS, My Vid, Please SUB! And if you liked this vid, Check out this RARE
    Old footage of Russian Sambo Expert Oleg Taktarov taking on different
    styles of Martial Arts and even 2 guys at ONCE!!! PRE-UFC! RARE Pre UFC
    Bloodsport Kumite 2 on 1 Kung Fu vs Oleg Taktarov Russian Sambo Aikido,

  2. BorneoScout says:

    These early days of martial arts just seem like the UFC 1 & 2. . With the
    exception of Royce, Shamrock, when faced with real combat, they just
    resorted to the thing any drunk outside a bar does when in a fight. A few
    punches and a knee. All of us can do that, so it just comes down to who is
    the youngest strongest and fittest. It was only Ju-Jitsu that showed how
    martial arts can beat brawn. 

  3. GiacomoKnox says:

    …Hence the “no-kicking a prone opponent in the head” rule. Cheap win,

  4. thebarrochannel says:

    he got himself what he deserved for lifting his feet off the ground after
    the (beautiful) spinkick instead of just scissor sweeping the guy, that was
    super stupid playing like a kitten right there against a much worse

  5. 699backstab says:

    This is as real as Hulk Hogan spitting blood on Andre the Giant in the
    1980’s LOL What a joke. FAKE FAKE FAKE

  6. Javier Kiman says:

    this looks so wrong and useless. How bad is this? Varies.

  7. Larry Ortega says:

    My dad fought here once and one my is still a beast

  8. blaphemer21 says:

    this is stupid

  9. ponciarello79 says:

    what the rules ? i dont uderstand sometimes stop sometimes no 

  10. zashvi says:

    WTF? he has the same style as Sugar Ray? WTF?

  11. VlahMMA says:

    Yugoslavia ! ! ! 

  12. Ballowall says:

    For old school contact fighters these guys knew quite a bit of ground work.

  13. fonkyman says:

    gayest shit i ever seen :)

  14. Michael James says:

    kind of cool at 2:40 that van clief put the dude in the guard. check it out

  15. Jerid Feces says:

    Surprisingly, this doesn’t look all too dissimilar from today’s MMA

    Perhaps the UFC pulled the wool over our eyes in their early fights,
    because this looks far better than what the UFC started with.

  16. clearcombat says:

    Van Cliff was doing well until he did that terrible foot sweep. I did not
    know that Cliff was a combat fighter, I know Gracie beat him in the UFC.

  17. jln6701 says:

    The fact that they keep ending up on the ground, unintentionally, kind of
    shows why their styles don’t really work and how incomplete they are as
    fighters. Even minimally trained fighters today make these guys look

  18. GroundGameKing says:

    Soccer kick to the dome…Pride Rules!

  19. Doc T says:

    Entitling this “The Real Kumite…” whatever is false advertisement… It
    is intentionally misleading. That alone tells me to avoid what you are
    trying to sell…

  20. Jeff Socrates says:

    Yet another good reason not to go to the ground. But it does prove that a
    lot of fights do go there.

  21. Deja vue says:

    geez what kind of rule do they have back then. kick to the head on a down
    opponent but not allowing them to fight on the mat..yeah van cleif brought
    that on himself.

  22. Steven Whiting says:

    He’s knocked out, fuck bringing in the doctor, we won’t bother as surely
    nothing could come of it.

  23. Ludus Jake says:

    I would be so much happier if all those stewards just ran in and kicked the
    shit out of the pair of them.

  24. Che Pukeroa says:


  25. David Smith says:

    That’s why you don’t lead with a spin kick…

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