25 comments on “Rashad Evans Injured; Cormier vs. Cummins at UFC 170 on MMA Newsmakers”


    So people are avoiding a fight because they don’t like the “personality” of
    one of the fighters.
    When did MMA turn into such a fucking soap opera?
    Anyway I didn’t think homosexuals were allowed to watch combat sports.

  2. James Brown says:

    If Overeem ducked JDS any harder he`d grow a beak and start quacking.

  3. Carlos Hernandez says:

    This shit should be free

  4. Splenda4ever says:

    Even if Rashad Evans was not injured, Ronda Rousey still does not deserve
    to be on the main card. That bitch.

  5. MrShottabiggs says:

    Shut up Pollack. You don’t understand mma

  6. onv says:

    Josh Pollack is usually very anooying whenever he opens his mouth to
    express his opinion , but he is right on this one.

  7. dee aldo says:

    dont no why Dana n whole UFC pushing Ronda that much,she is boring as fuck
    n we all no what she gonna try 2 do in the fight against Sarah, “ARM BAR”
    cuz her stand up skills r shit..big overnight star in the UFC,fuck u
    Ronda…i bet Nunes will fuck her up 4 good..

  8. AlliedForces says:

    Man duck this shit

  9. bracoop2 says:

    And sorry, but I won’t buy any ppv with Ronda as the main event ever.

  10. R3LAPZE GAMING says:

    no thanks i wont ever pay for ronda

  11. Mizter Sinister says:

    All of Pat Cummings’s last opponents fuisionned together, Vegito style,
    have a record of 10-20…….Kyacey Uscola is 21-24 hahahahahahahahaha!

  12. Brandon Garbarino says:

    Not buying!! 70 dollars for some shit. Heck no techno!

  13. shane griffin says:

    nope, saw every ufc ppv since ufc 140 and never payed..

  14. mario monzon says:

    Pat Cummins is an absolute beast, not saying that he will beat cormier. 

  15. Frank V says:

    The free event on Fox this weekend is a way better card than that ppv card.
    Whoever works for the ufc and made these cards is stupid.

  16. Petri Rendi says:

    Ramdeen is just ridiculous. Can you grow a pair and say something realistic
    besides that everyone on this planet is an ABSOLUTE monster? Jeez, he
    sounds like a broken record

  17. Haider Ali says:

    why didn’t they have daniel cormier fight phil davis or something?

  18. dennisisawesome says:

    will not buy, do not care about womens mma THAaaaaT much

  19. britvroman says:

    Pollock is not a true sports fan if he can’t appreciate unkown fighter
    getting a chance of a lifetime (aka Rocky story)

  20. Damian Rivero says:

    Shieeet, erbody be worrying bout paying for PPV cards and shit and I’m just
    like, ha just I fucking go to Buffalo Wild Wings(restaurant) for every PPV
    event and watch them fights for free on huge screens while I eat

  21. Benjamin Waltenburg says:

    i havnt bought a ufc ppv in years…firstrowsports yall :P

  22. jeff pope says:

    ha no thanks ill find a stream online, this one isnt worth paying for

  23. Chuck Liddell says:

    the way he kept saying pat cummins hahahahaha i coudnt stop laughing 

  24. richsocaplaya says:

    Dana made a mistake. Let’s see the PPV numbers for UFC 170. Without Evans
    this event falls to the ground, especially when it’s Cummins replaces the
    former LH champ.

  25. Joshua Morrris says:

    cant believe this bald moron considered jardine in the manner he did

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