24 comments on “Ray Sefo + Dave Huckaba Share Some Laughs Backstage After Their WSOF 4 Fight”

  1. Paul Atreide says:

    this orga has good vibrations,
    we feel that it is made by fighters and for fighters, so it will be the best orga soon

  2. sloter21 says:

    I honestly like the wsof more than bellator

  3. ranezzie says:

    good wsof is doing thangs… level martinez fought recently too… love that people getting chances everywhere

  4. Monica Ortiz says:

    Good video, Brett and Dave will nice!

  5. sunnyahsan1 says:

    it must be really awkward knocking out your boss lol

  6. steeljawz says:

    Dana would never fight Sefo. What would Dana do? submit him with f bombs? lol

  7. xArcher24x says:

    Where the fuck have you been?

  8. yaadontsay says:

    Went out like a hamma thx u ray for ur dedication n great fights I like ur set ups wit ur hands n feet thx u sugsr foot

  9. yaadontsay says:

    Rays the man 🙁

  10. bassmike7021 says:

    I feel that Bellator instead of trying to “compete” with the UFC, should try not to lose their place from WSOF.

  11. d3vil0ck says:

    great video. thank you

  12. NZDeathMachine says:

    awesome new zealander

  13. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    Because he doesn’t fight his employees?
    Great argumentation man

  14. ameliaalana57 says:

    Awesome hope wsof goes far. ~keoni

  15. liovarjo says:

    its pretty awesome to see a fight organization’s president fight one of his employees. hahaha. i always imagined what it would be like to see dana fight one of his fighters.

  16. jacktorse777 says:

    These guys are a couple of class acts. Good for Dave.

  17. Craig Haley says:

    Ray Sefo is a class act!

  18. krevdog says:

    wsof >> bellator 

  19. Jelani W. says:

    Huckaba and Sefo just made new fans from me. Will be supporting WSOF from now on.

  20. ek130026 says:

    WSOF is sick, very entertaining events.

  21. Warren Robertson says:

    Made a new fan dana is a dick

  22. eugene1926 says:

    That was a great fight and the whole card was entertaining!

  23. FilthyJFK209 says:

    Ray Sefo vs Gilbert Yvel I love this fight. Thanks Sefo you’re a living legend.

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