24 comments on “Reginaldo Cruz – Jmc Mma vs Dave Bautista”

  1. Koralreefcarbon says:


  2. VulpeRenard says:

    You’re supposed to do that after you win, not before you lose.

  3. OaklandWhiteElephant says:

    I’d love to see a post-fight interview.

  4. ZeGuyFly says:

    fucking cocky moron

  5. SomeDooD555 says:


  6. Nadrojsleek says:

    That guy must’ve thought he was the REAL Dave Bautista.

  7. lowrinsehan says:

    How’s it obvious?

  8. Steven Johnston says:

    this is going to go viral!!! how not to be Nick Diaz!

  9. gentellabs says:

    if it were staged they wouldn’t have filmed it with a potato

  10. ShonenMike says:

    Obviously you’re a moron. That was a proper head kick. You can hear the impact. People don’t agree to get knocked out on purpose like that unless they have a death wish.

  11. absurdio says:

    Hahaha. What a dumb, dumb cunt.

  12. Achilles1776 says:

    obviously staged.

  13. theneilo76 says:

    you got knocked the hell out BOY! LMAO

  14. figthersdreams says:

    That’s what we call going down with style

  15. neonauj says:

    u guys take shit way too serious on here

  16. neonauj says:

    funniest shit ive ever seen in my life

  17. omarash31 says:

    The winner must fuck that bitch

  18. JaYrRaMPaGe says:

    Didn’t you learn from Anderson Silva’s last fight?

  19. Mike Vieira says:


  20. Lean Cholo says:

    seriously, what a loser

  21. Flashmurder says:

    Congratulations you are a massive faggot. At least you dug your own grave

  22. WiqedWhiteGorilla says:

    Wow dude you fucking hoed yourself

  23. dsite21 says:

    yabang mo tol, di ka manlang tumagal nang 10 seconds panigurado na ospital ka pa hehehe

  24. Shirebury says:


    What a worthless pencil dick.

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