25 comments on “Rich Franklin Wants to Go Out With a Bang!”

  1. fackuu94 says:

    MMA Legend…..this guy was the king before Anderson, much respect for this

  2. Gavin Tat says:

    Franklin vs Shogun sounds great

  3. Joe Turner says:

    Not jacare Me should be fighting for the titltle that’s like putting him
    with vitor… lol he wants to go out with a win not in a ambulance…
    bisping or chael but isn’t chael fighting wanderlei? So bisping makes sense.

  4. death483 says:

    Give him a big name opponent like Bisping, Shogun, or Hendo . I would love
    for any of those match ups to actually happen . A fight the fans will love!
    Franklin a true and humble legend of the sport. Ace was hella beast during
    his time. Much respect!

  5. brego lingo says:

    Let me bang bro!

  6. Mad Titan says:

    Rematch Henderson.

  7. armytaskforce11x says:

    fuck I miss Rich Franklin so bad wow I remember the ACE era when he was the
    champ for a long time,those were the glory days of mma.

    Franklin vs Shogun


    Franklin vs Hendo

  8. XbotSlayer says:

    much respect to Ace…..hes a stand up fighter…

  9. TheVJProduction says:

    he should fight hector lombard at middle weight, and yes i know hector
    dropped weight class.

  10. Alex Kovalex says:

    Franklin vs Sonnen, Sonnen said that Anderson had to beat a math teacher
    for the belt

  11. Relly Morelli says:

    I’m happy my comment got on air. I’m just disappointed theh misspelled my
    name lol

  12. BobbyNixon says:

    School teacher? Isnt that forrest griffen? Or are they both school

  13. kevinsmammaxd says:

    Franklin VS Bisping!

  14. JonJonesP4PKing says:

    Well his fight sure ended with a bang…

  15. LilBlacJac510 says:

    Jim Carey 

  16. haru glory says:

    isn’t that jim carrey? =p

  17. gogynight says:

    Rich Vs Anderson 3

  18. manatee1992 says:

    ha he already did in his last fight

  19. Lance Ghilarducci says:

    if it were my choice id pit him against jacare that’s a fight id like to

  20. koko1914 says:

    one of my favourite fighters of all time! a legend of the sport!

  21. AngryMarks.com - UFC, MMA, WWE, TNA News, Interviews & Recaps says:

    One more fight for Ace! Let’s make it happen.

  22. DUBSAC says:

    Retire while you still have your brain.

  23. ANDREW ANDREWs says:

    casualmmoing was right forrest was a cop in testament to how dumb cops are
    lol but who is with RICH FRANKLIN VS MICHEAL BISPING???? as his last fight

  24. Joe Turner says:

    Jacare?;why not put him in with vitor…lol he wants to go out on a win not
    a stretcher… bisping I think…

  25. Lance Ghilarducci says:

    rich probly loses to any top 10 mw at the moment im thinking the fight will
    be against chael sonnen its the only one I can line up for him after wandy
    looks like the go

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