17 comments on “Riddle Claims UFC Squashed Fighter Union and Bosse vs. Jimmo on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    Hmm… I thought everybody gets the same amount of drug testing (when they
    fight each other) regardless of fighters’ history. Common sense tells me
    that would the fairest thing to do…… Vitor has a point

  2. MrShottabiggs says:

    Anything pollack says is supposed to be fact, but when anyone else talks,
    it’s suspect. You don’t know shit pollack. You may a have a broadcasting
    degree but your mma knowledge is non existent 

  3. 4g63mark says:

    Matt Riddle has questionable integrity because he smokes weed? WTF???!!!!

  4. Trevor Hollibaugh says:

    Riddle don’t have a fucking clue. Couture got the boot because the walked
    out on his contract with the UFC and Fox. He did not honor his contract.
    UFC can not stop a Union. If you are good and promote yourself you make
    money. If not? You don’t belong. Get a regular job like everyone else.

  5. Jon Lee says:

    lol, there’s only one CEO in a company, i think riddle means executive
    position or just getting paid to do nothing, pretty much.

  6. Lopata991 says:

    Belfort is a troll :D

  7. iamalex4life says:

    Belfort #1 disliked fighter

  8. prfctstrngrz says:

    There are plenty of former UFC greats that could get the ball rolling on a
    union. Fear (obviously) being a huge determining factor. Not only of
    fighters being cut or sat, but perhaps even the threat of such organizers
    being fitted with a pair of concrete shoes by the Las Vegas mafia. (lol)

    Joking (sort of), but billionaires indeed have power and influence when it
    comes to the interference of their business. Threats or greasing a few
    palms are very effective at shutting people down.

    Having said that, if you’re a top 10 division contender that is earning
    between 100-200K per fight, and someone like Tito, Shamrock, or Couture
    phones you up and offers you double or even triple that amount (if you
    sign-on), you’re gonna get fighters doing some serious thinking.

    The UFC cannot maintain its current level of popularity without those big
    name top 10 contenders. Their ppv numbers and tv deal would tank. That’s
    where having Bellator could be a nice ace in the hole (with a tv deal and
    broadcast crew already in place), Suddenly the tables are turned and the
    UFC is now the farm league.

  9. Lopata991 says:

    who is matt riddle?

  10. hoghs1 says:

    Riddle speaks the truth when he talks. Belford is on steroids and should
    never be allowed to fight for anything in the UFC. What a joke. I never
    thought I’d see the day a steroid user would call out someone else to get
    checked. I’ve see it all now.

  11. Ray Munoz says:


  12. burlhorse89 says:

    Who listens to what Matt RIddle says???The guy is a tool

  13. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    Riddle is asshurt for being cut. 

  14. Blake Williams says:

    A union would be the worse thing the UFC could do. Let the market decide
    how much someone gets paid, just because someone decides to fight does not
    automatically entitle them to a wage above what the market is willing to
    pay for. If you see a union start up, expect to pay $100.00 or more for
    paper view.

  15. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I think there should be a fighters union. Obviously promoters have never
    liked that idea going back decades in boxing. The issue is UFC banks on PPV
    buys and basically if you aren’t proven to be a good PPV headline draw, you
    aren’t going to make a whole lot of money. Nevermind UFC doesn’t give many
    fighters a chance to headline a PPV, those guys at the top aren’t compelled
    to back a union, so it is sort of a pipe dream. The independent contractor
    thing is sorta BS since fighters aren’t allowed to compete outside of UFC
    while under contract in any sport such as wrestling, grappling tournaments,
    kickboxing, etc. 

  16. haroimdonard says:

    This is by far my favorite conversation you’ve had on this show. UFC
    fighters desperately need a union. They get paid shit and lately, the UFC’s
    antics towards their fighters have been very “big brother”, what with the
    uniforms and policing the internet and what not. I won’t speak on Riddle’s
    credibility, but it’s a totally believable claim, although I don’t think
    Liddell was in on it as much as Randy. I wish Georges would have tried to
    form one before he left… Without a high-profile fighter to spearhead the
    union, Dana and co. are going to smash it into the ground. 

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