6 comments on “Roger Huerta X Shoyoroll – Training In The Gi For MMA”

  1. Chris Mesnard says:

    Right Tom? Who does this guy think he is!? Haha nice work Stu, for a Brit.

  2. my690 says:

    Nice berimbolo

  3. stuartcooperfilms says:

    I’m trying to become an action movie star now 😉

  4. Scott Jedlinski says:

    GI > *

  5. NOCDIB says:

    An MMA veteran showing respect for gi BJJ and even admiring non-MMA techniques like berimbolo. For those who say the gi has no significance in MMA, take note.

  6. Tom Lawlor says:

    Stuart, why are there so many highlights of you during the footage?

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