25 comments on “Ronda Rousey: I’d Beat Floyd Mayweather in MMA Bout”

  1. MyAquaticDiary says:

    Respect to Floyd but ronda wud break his arm off.

  2. Carl Mickens says:

    She needs to stick to what she do and not worry about Money Mayweather lol

  3. Robin Raphael says:

    LOL! How is that even a discussion? Floyd would break her face so bad that
    she will sue him.

  4. blackanimelover18 says:

    So…she’s saying she can beat someone in an MMA fight….who’s NOT an MMA
    fighter. Well here’s an idea, why don’t you step in the boxing ring with
    Floyd, see what happens. Or go step on the court and play LeBron one on
    one. Or put on some pads and play running back and go up against the 49ers
    defense. Come on now…..

  5. nastynupe says:

    Get back in the kitchen and STFU!!!!

  6. pager693 says:

    I want to see Ronda fight Mayweather in a boxing ring, how about that? Why
    use the MMA rules? Why not boxing rules? 

  7. monotonesarcasm says:

    Floyd knows he can’t beat her and will just duck her at any cost, just like
    he did to Pacquiao. 

  8. Eric Miller says:

    She is way to full of herself.

  9. antnguyen89 says:

    I’d rather see Jose Aldo break Floyd’s chicken legs with a hard leg kick. 

  10. magebotjz2 says:

    GUYS MMA NOT BOXING…. She’d have a better chance. But idk floyd’s skill
    at mma.

  11. Chris Mak says:

    If Floyd didn’t have a soul and was able to bring himself to punch a female
    then we’d see a fight. You can ask any man how he feels about hitting a
    woman and the vast majority would not at all be uncomfortable to even throw
    a slap. You do t even have to think about this one.

  12. Jocky Rohnson says:

    I’m a huge fan of MMA. But years of MMA fighters calling out Floyd
    Mayweather is getting old. Go box with him then and see what happens. I
    don’t care if your Junior Dos Santos. Mayweather would wipe the floor
    clean on that guy, IN BOXING. Of course you’re going to beat him in MMA.
    Isn’t that what you train 24 hours a day/7 days a week? You better be able
    to beat him. I swear sometimes I think MMA fighters are brain dead. Just
    stop it already Ronda. You’re the “Royce Gracie” of Women’s MMA, one
    dimensional. Watch when Olympic level athletes start rolling into MMA,
    instead of just the “i suck at all sports, so I’m gonna try mma”
    enthusiasts. Then she’ll just be another bitch with a loud mouth. 

  13. KarzolaTV says:

    She’s an idiot. She should stick to beating woman. Any athletic man that’s
    in some sort of fighting shape professionally would knock her into next

    This whole discussion was a joke in all sincerity 

  14. Konata615 says:

    Stephen A Smith is so right

  15. Jumbotron says:

    As soon as she tried to grab him, she’d get jabbed square in the face. And
    I doubt she’s taking too many man-jabs

  16. Gootothesecond says:

    Anyone thinking that she’d beat him is outside of their minds. People fail
    to take into account brute strength which, despite what they tell you in
    movies, counts for as much and not more than just skill in a fight with
    rules. As skip stated, he’d have 20lbs trained on this woman, that counts
    for a lot of raw strength. So, even if she put him in a lock, there isn’t
    much that would stop him from powering out of it. This is why combat sports
    like MMA and boxing, which is actually the better sport, have weight
    divisions. Floyd may not be the biggest puncher in his weight class but
    there isn’t as much risk of serious injury if he takes a shot.

  17. jcsmooth44 says:

    What a FOOL believes….

  18. Joh Mai says:

    i believe her.

  19. Gary bucy says:

    ide beat her ass, and I’m not an athlete but …I am a male.

  20. Andréas Remis says:

    Wait, one of the greatest boxers of all time vs a 135lb girl?

  21. Cam Niblett says:

    Shout out to Stephen A for his expression from 0:49 to 1:30 lol 

  22. Bernard Houston says:

    Even though I think this is stupid here we go, while she’s low crawling
    over to him what’s to stop him from kicking her in the face. 

  23. Kay Argh says:

    1 punch….

  24. afropick93 says:

    …is this really being discussed?

  25. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    Aside from women with tattoos and lesbians, women who fight in the UFC or
    box are fucking disgusting. If this were ever to happen, i’d like to see
    Mayweather paralyze this disgusting woman. 

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