14 comments on “Ronda Rousey Talks Fighting and Acting on “Inside MMA””

  1. payrolls says:

    he’s flirting with her.

  2. Julian Midgley says:

    shes like the female brock lesnar tbh

  3. Sergio Lopez says:

    “I had more chance to fill in my holes ” minute 2:15

  4. CanadianGamer420 says:

    she takes it in the brown from big brown, ya feel me playa

  5. pete ss says:

    Ronda keeps improving 🙂 ….Cyroid might be in trouble at 135 cause she
    wont be able to take her Roids she will fight more natural 

  6. James Davies says:

    She seems much more at ease. All of her supposed ‘mental issues’ (if they
    ever excisted) were probably more circumstantial than innate. I’d have
    dealt with being Ronda Rousey over the last 2 years a lot worse than she
    did. All that pressure, all that hype, being low balled on TUF, capturing
    mainstream media and national press on top of a burgeoning movie career.
    Girl is nails hard. 

  7. RedSquirreLx says:

    fill in her holes 2:11

  8. Marvman1967 says:

    shes a badass luv her

  9. Oriole says:

    Kenny is painful to watch

  10. chris solis says:

    Get this win and relax you’ve earned it!

  11. waldomarek says:

    honda housey probably did have her holes filled recently… she seemed
    actually nice in an interview for once.

  12. Daniel Dragovic says:

    This interview, was so fucked up, man. What the hell, was Kenny Rice, doing
    right here. It almost, felt like, he was preparing, to rape her when she,
    least expected it. 

  13. Cage Riot MMA says:

    AXS TV – Ronda Rousey Talks Fighting and Acting on “Inside MMA”: Ronda
    Rousey Talks Fighting and Acting on “Inside MMA” UFC women’s bantamweight
    champion Ronda Rousey joined AXS TV’S INSIDE MMA tonight for an exclusive,
    sit-down interview with… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA @axstv

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