25 comments on “Royce Gracie-Eddie Bravo Feud and Lawler vs. Ellenberger on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Killa Kam says:

    Royce Gracie is a val tu do fighter? Right, he can’t strike, he can’t
    wrestle, he has nothing for todays fighters. He’s basically saying “Eddie
    Bravo would kill me in a BJJ match, I rather fight someone who’s a
    kickboxer with no subs like it’s still UFC 1″… Fuckin get real, fuck
    Royce Gracie, I’ll say it for Eddie.

    Fuck Royce Gracie. 

  2. onv says:

    Wait … does Royce thinks he has more chance if he strikes against Bravo ?
    Bravo would probably toy him in standup too.
    Royce should go back to injecting anadrol in his ass or something.

  3. Petri Rendi says:

    Gracie is butthurt…simple as that

  4. mario juana says:

    Fights speak for themselves, you guys are trying way too hard

  5. Kevin Narayan says:

    Eddie Bravo’s 10th planet system is superior to Gracie bjj

  6. Jerome Miyagi says:

    Never count Henderson out….

  7. 240FP says:

    Why would you match Henderson with DC, he’s too old and slow for DC.

  8. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Well put on the Baravo Gracie fued Robin, although I think Royce as a
    person gets to much credit for his place in history.

    The guy has always been a poor loser and even a bad sport when he won. I
    respect him as a fighter but as a person I would never want to hang out
    with him or respect what he has to say.

  9. mario juana says:

    The guy here with the black hair does not have a place to talk, he says it
    himself, man media vs reality, these guys have nothing to do with any of
    this in real life, they think they do

  10. Lynn L. says:

    Royce, I will suflex you, out you in the camel-clutch, break your back and
    make you humble.

  11. Alex E says:

    Royce needs to smoke a joint and chill the fuck out 

  12. rigo62982 says:

    everyone plese expose the Gracies ive been doing homework on them watching
    their fights espeacially Royce VS Matt Hughes “The brilliance of Royce
    Gracie!” LOL!
    Brilliantly getting his butt kicked.
    I’ve seen 90 year old ladies getting mugged that fought better than this.
    or sakuraba gracie Renzo and Royce the fact that all this info is out there
    and people still think they are any good is beyond me 

  13. E LOZ Global says:

    if a fighter can innovate on generations of fighting, he sees it in a way
    the previous generation didn’t. This can actually lead to better fighters,
    not only that it will lead to fighters that specialize vs said art.

  14. Joe Hernandez says:

    The Gracie’s have a stronger family bond than most people can even
    comprehend. When Sakuraba beat one he had to fight like 5. Most of us can
    only wish our family’s had our backs. BUT i am glad Bravo got that
    win(because it is a huge win) and has debunked all the doubters that a
    Mexican American stoner could change the jiujitsu world for ever. 

  15. shawn parker says:

    I agree that Royce probably shouldn’t have said anything to Eddie, but to
    say that Royce was basically sayin’ that “eddie bravo would kill me in a
    bjj match” is just ridiculous. Royce has been asked to compete in every
    type of jiu-jitsu tournament in US, Brazil, Japan, etc., and has always
    said the exact same thing — that he only wants to fight vale tudo. The
    reason that he says that is not because he doubts his bjj against the likes
    of eddie bravo or anyone else. It is because Gracie JJ is starkly
    different from most of today’s bjj which is geared towards sport jiu jitsu
    and points. Gracie JJ was created to be able to combine their jiu jitsu
    with vale tudo so that they could one day prove that jiu-jitsu was the
    superior fighting style versus all the others. What has eddie bravo done
    in the world of vale tudo?? Nothing really. Baran’s comment below is spot
    on. Royce is strictly a vale tudo fighter and is nowhere near the top of
    his family tree in terms of BJJ. Rickson is by far and away the best of
    all of the gracies at JJ and Vale Tudo. Rickson’s son Kron is one of the
    top 5 or 10 BJJ guys in the world. If Eddie ever wants to test himself out
    against Gracie Jiu Jitsu by calling out the Gracies to produce their best
    fighter, I’m sure the Gracies would have no issues sending Kron to kick his
    ass at metamoris. A 170 pound kid from Brazil came over to USA and kicked
    everybody’s ass and showed them that they need to learn ground game or get
    their ass kicked continually. I’d say that classifies him as a pretty damn
    good “vale tudo” guy killa kam.

  16. Vincent Brown says:

    Yea idk wtf has been up with Royce lately. I’ll just leave that situation
    alone. But the match-up with Lawler and Ellenberger sounds good and it’ll
    shape up to be exciting. 

  17. Harvey Horseface says:

    Bravo Jiu Jitsu vs. Gracie Jiu Jitsu. My master is better than your

  18. Erica Schroeder says:

    Great comments guys on the Royce Gracie fiasco! Royce is now painting
    himself as a dickhead! Thanks for not pulling any punches and calling like
    it is! Royce is just jealous; jealousy explains his behavior. He doesn’t
    like being forgotten and this was an attempt to get some attention. GO

  19. mr420 says:

    I would rather see Héctor Lombard vs lawler

  20. G_A_B_O_S says:

    Royce is just a douche bag and extremely disrespectful. Everyone knows he
    is a sore loser and to take away attention from Eddie and royler after
    their match is just disrespectful. 

  21. TheLush85 says:

    Maybe Royce is having a mid life crisis or something. 

  22. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Royce, but he has some serious sour

  23. bouncingsoul818 says:

    In all respect to the Gracie family, Bravo doesn’t owe anything to that
    family. Eddie never trained under the Gracies and has established one of
    the marquee dojos not only in the San Fernando Valley, but in the world.
    Get over it, everyone always seems to get in Eddie’s face at any convention
    or competition he attends. Leave Eddie alone, seriously bro. 

  24. JwVanC says:

    !Ramdeen is my favourite FN personality

    Said no one

  25. Harold Blackville G says:

    jaugernut vs ruthless is just INSANE!!!

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