17 comments on “Rua vs. Henderson 2, Alvarez vs. Chandler 3, Bellator MMA 110, Leben Retires on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. 44cspence says:

    Nobody told him to fight for the UFC 

  2. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Henderson is old and wash up Shogun as well but still younger than Hendo.
    I’m going with Shogun late round stoppage.

  3. HydroBud98 says:

    Rua vs. Henderson 2…Really? -_- DAMN IT UFC! WHY?…WHY!!!? Are you
    trying to build up the LightHeavyweight division or NOT! Make Shogun vs.
    Evans if Evans beats Cormier. STOP MESSING UP THE DIVISION! NO UFC…that’s
    a bad UFC, BAD!…NO NO NO!

  4. BIG Poo says:


  5. Lopata991 says:

    In this world it’s not about who ”deserves” what, you have to earn and
    work hard for everything. If you are an old mma fighter and you don’t have
    the money it’s your fault, you should have invested better and not spend it
    on stupid stuff. A hard working man with a 10 hour a day job in a fucked up
    factory get less money then mma fighter and risks even worse injurys, he
    doesn’t have the money nor the fame nobody gives a shit for him…And no
    one is complaining about him having such a shit life.
    Rich people have to be richer and poor even poorer, idiot mentality…

  6. Jay Jackson says:

    Robin, let me premise this by saying i love the show and respect you
    greatly. I have to disagree with your comment about fighters shouldnt be
    broke cause they put their bodies on the line. I wrestled for 12 yrs, spent
    10 in the army, and have jumped out of 54 airplanes while serving my
    country. My knees hurt, my back hurts. I have trained mma as well at CSW in
    Fullerton, Ca. and while im not broke, we all put our bodies on the line
    all the time. 

  7. Tougie24 says:

    While I know I’ll end up watching the Hendo-Shogun fight (if it happens),
    I’m against the fight being made. It holds no merit in rankings, even after
    Shogun’s awesome KO victory a few months ago, and it’s more of a sideshow
    car wreck than an important fight. By that I mean most will watch it
    because it’s similar to someone driving down the road, seeing a car wreck,
    and not being able to look away.

    Two legends, past their primes, for the second time? I don’t see the point,
    and I really do wish both of these guys would retire. I can’t imagine
    either of them not revealing the start of CTE symptoms 10-15 years from

  8. shogun123442 says:

    lets go shogun!!

  9. pewpewetc says:

    if you had any success in the ufc I reckon you can almost definately open a
    gym and make a good living from it. But I agree that their pay is not as
    good as it should be.

  10. Vincent Brown says:

    I’d love to see King Mo battle it out with Rampage, assuming they both win
    their first fight in the tourney. 

  11. Ghost .z says:

    no robin black you’re missing the point. It call knowing how to save money

  12. Bobby Cullari says:

    Dan Henderson has been on borrowed time for 5 years.
    He’s 43 and way past the time to retire from the cage. If Dan is able to
    train to peak condition, look for a great fight. I predict this bout will
    resemble Dan’s 2nd with Vitor rather than the previous Shogun-Hendo war.
    Nobody beats Father Time…

  13. philipee32 says:

    You guys bitching about wanting fighers to retire are probably the same
    cunts who dont want the fighters getting paid more. you cant have one and
    not the other,the reason they have to stick around is to make money.
    Also who are you to tell someone to retire? thats the job of doctors of
    possibly the organization. Your all concerned about a fight being relevant
    to a title, just enjoy a great fight by two legends. Its just a big leather
    belt with some shiny rocks on it.

  14. Wisewon s says:

    These fighters should be rich because we want to know who the best fighters
    in the world are and we are not going to figure that out when the most
    athletic people in the world are going to play other sports that pay

  15. Max HulkSMASH says:

    Hendo is gona be blazed out of his mind on that TRT… Kill him shogun

  16. philipee32 says:

    I dont think henderson rua 2 is going to be as good as the first. Agreed
    they aged about 20yrs since 2 yrs ago.

  17. philipee32 says:

    Leben is a quitter, just like forrest and stan

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