9 comments on “RUFF Featherweight Champion Wang Guan on MMA in China”

  1. tucksities24 says:

    great song!

  2. TheLastFraudster says:

    Great stuff. Thanks Karyn

  3. stylezNout says:

    If I call him the chinese zombie, is that racist

  4. acdclife94 says:

    i will try 6 am is kind of early lol

  5. Luis M says:

    Great Interview and Great Video! Love your work Karyn. Always love watching these videos

  6. fatcat3211 says:

    Everybody Wang Guan tonight!

  7. Karyn Bryant says:

    Ah, thank you! Be sure to check out the links in the description above. You can watch RUFF 9 online early tomorrow morning at 6am ET/3am PT. MMA H.E.A.T. is a sponsor along with Ducati and Bad Boy.

  8. king bibibear says:

    Featherweight? …. ain’t that aldos territory? …lol, this guy better gain some weight & duck trail cause you’re gonna need to eat steak & not just rice & noodles to handle also, lmao!!!

  9. acdclife94 says:

    Oh Karyn your just great :)

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