8 comments on “Rustam Khabilov: From Dagestan to Jackson’s MMA”

  1. theblackslcmamba says:

    Juiced to the titts AND he got mooooooooooped by benson!

    Fuck outta here with its that bullshit.

  2. Fightland says:

    We met UFC lightweight Rustam Khabilov and talked about his immigration
    from Dagestan and his new life at Jacksons MMA in Albuquerque.

  3. atherion0 says:

    I’ve watched his fight with Vinc Pichel at least 20 times. Those suplexes
    were brutal.

  4. theblackslcmamba says:

    Is this the fucking Cheater that got caught trying to defeat benson

    He got Mopped with juice. Lol

  5. DAGESTAN [MMA]™ says:

    On his fight, which will be held on February 21 with Adriano Martins he
    prepared in Dagestan in Makhachkala

  6. Jacare Jakare says:

    первый российский боец на этом канале! жалко что такое короткое видео(

  7. shay33ish says:

    Now this motherfuka don’t mess around. 

  8. Drvol1 says:

    Big fan of this guy. Benson too much too soon.

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