25 comments on “Sam Roberts & CM Punk- Wrestling v. MMA, Lesnar, Rampage, and Tito”

  1. Ben Taylorr says:

    Awesome stuff man, love watching the interviews, keep up the great work

  2. ITzJaYOhh says:

    Bam *throws up double middle fingers*

  3. CCDaDon15 says:

    Man that video was so painful to watch

  4. Aaron Mcdavitt says:

    Someone watched that Jeff Hardy video. Stop being a sheep.

  5. DanielReedLockard says:

    Yeah I was just joking and referencing that Drugged Up Jeff Hardy video lol

  6. msangie284 says:

    punk has the guy all giddy

  7. MCHS38 says:

    I lost it.

  8. msangie284 says:

    the guy tells punk, she wasnt filming before lol chick magnet indeed

  9. David Oliveras says:

    MMA fighters go out there and get their shit fucked up, good or bad you will get hit and it will hurt because they mean to hurt you. However wrestlers have to learn how to not hurt you (too much) plus wrestling moves, plus the acting that includes the gimmick, almost a whole year going in and out of airports and looking at trees pass by the window, they’re away from their families and have to subject to their bosses will. Yep it’s harder.

  10. Christian Crespo says:

    Nice hat big show

  11. Christian Crespo says:

    Best in the world

  12. Christian Crespo says:

    Cm punk

  13. nWoWolfpackTV2013 says:


  14. todd benoit says:

    Punk for the win

  15. TheWF18 says:

    Punk always has great and interesting interviews

  16. MeatorDragon says:

    Being on the road 300+ days a year, wrestling is definitely tougher

  17. becky43078 says:

    anyone else notice him saying “i can’t speak from experience YET” about being a professional MMA fighter. I’ve always said that once he retires that’s what he will plan to do.

  18. becky43078 says:

    “i keep it classy on the red carpet” lmao

  19. Superfitz900 says:

    “Thanks pal” at the end, loveeeee CM Punk!!!

  20. Science2Student says:

    it’s Friday and I am gonna give the result of the Brock, Punk Match
    cm punk will win with the help of wwe writers, otherwise he has no chance against the beast, as Brock Said ” The Beast is the Best ”.

  21. Fernando Garcia says:

    Best in the world!!!!!!!!

  22. CCDaDon15 says:

    Coffee is allowed in straight edge culture…

  23. byFigr says:

    Always enjoying Cm Punk’s interviews, wish it was a bit longer 🙂

  24. Amaan Akter says:

    Best in the World

  25. Amaan Akter says:

    Best in t

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