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  1. Nick Drossos says:

    Hi guys, Here is a video on the differences between self-defense and mixed
    martial arts. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about it.
    Thanks for watching and stay safe.

  2. Kevin Butler says:

    Points well taken Nick! Controlled environment vs. on-the-streets, really
    uncontrolled environment! Another great one man!

  3. rza884 says:

    Hi hick, what do you think is the best discipline pillar in self defense,
    is it kick boxing, mma, wrestiling etc? from what i heard boxing is the
    most used effectively in street fight cause apparently a boxers physic
    (like a lightweight) is not intimidating when wearing a shirt lool.

  4. amessad says:

    Nice tattoo man “Δυναμη” it suits you both physically and
    psychologically… great vid as always.!

  5. IndigoXYZ18 says:

    Have you ever heard of KFM (Keysi Fighting Method), it is a Spanish martial
    art designed specifically for concrete floored multiple opponent street
    fights and assumes the opponent(s) may have a weapon. What makes KFM unique
    is that half of it you already know; when put under enough pressure any
    primate will instinctively raise their hands to their head, their forearms
    protecting their head. The fetal position is the position we were born in
    (because it offers the body the most protection) and is the position we
    instinctively feel most comfortable in when in a high streets or dangerous
    situation. KFM teaches one how to harness and train this inescapable Human
    instinct into a street effective shield & weapon.

    Though the foundation for KFM is Human instinct, the martial art system of
    which said instinct is applied to is JKD (Jeet Kune Do). The two founders
    of KFM Justo Diéguez & Andy Norman received their black belts in JKD under
    the tutelage of Bruce Lee’s prodigy Dan Inosanto (and are both technically
    registered JKD instructors).

  6. papasitoman says:

    Completely agree. One is a sport; points, specific places you can and
    cannot hit, breaks, rules, time limit etc. 

  7. Alex Manakov says:

    As I understood, the best way to feel self-confidency on the street is:
    1. Studing different sports
    2. Combine them with MMA
    3. Studing self-defense

  8. Frederick Thomas says:

    how about if your sixty

  9. RavShaul says:

    Krav maga

  10. Hakim Almandri says:

    Can you make a video about pressure points and show how and where the
    person should hit or strike those points? And great video ! 

  11. Emil ice tea says:

    You’re absolutely right man. Martial arts only help you to defend your
    self in a street fight. but street fight is another story. As you said,
    different environment, different rules, different expectations. MMA wont
    save your ass in a street fight, but your skills will. The skill to
    understand the situation and react accordingly under pressure and a real
    therat. MMA is just a help to give you skills and when it comes to a
    street fight, you use your skills according of course to the situation.
    Street self defense is a real thing, MMA is not. Im not syaing that MMA
    is not self defense, but the truth is, MMA is a sport, street self defense
    is a real life self defense scenario where you protect your self from a
    real threat and not just a normal sparring

  12. thegnjdk says:

    I think this your best video, very good! 

  13. Kevin Ku says:

    Another great informative video Nick thanks, I agree with what you are
    saying for sure.

  14. Spiguel says:

    martial arts are very good for your development and training, getting the
    feeling… when you are on the streets anything can happen and you must get
    out of the situation the fast and safe as possible, great video as always. 

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