25 comments on “SHOUTcraft – MMA vs HasuObs – PvT – Rhapsody – StarCraft 2”

  1. RuneKatashima says:

    All I hear is “toss OP” and “toss lategame OP vs T” and all I see is
    Protoss getting destroyed lategame by Terran 90% of the time. The 10% is
    when the Terran makes big mistakes or the Protoss seriously outplays his
    opponent. I don’t see how anyone can think Protoss is unduly strong.

  2. Douglas Reid says:

    Terran is why SC2 is dying… It gets boring watching marines beat
    everything and i mean everything.

  3. Dewoy1 says:

    Germany whoooohoo

  4. fendrigan says:

    Toss too OP

  5. bearbeat says:

    “longer and longer, if you know what i mean…. wait i dont know what i
    mean” LOL

  6. Colin says:

    lol. husky suddenly realized he was making a dick joke during his
    introduction and bailed immediately XD

  7. Marshall says:

    dam dude

  8. Warrick Onnlin says:

    Sigh, guess I have to follow TB’s advice and just live with the layout.
    I was so happy with the old layout, worked well, but just have to get used
    to it.
    It does clear up some of the wasted space that was on portraits/actions, so
    that is nice I guess

  9. steven bee says:

    Ain’t know party like a Pewdiepie party

  10. Whale Cancer says:

    I think the lava needs to stay a bit longer; I think in the campaign map
    that does this it stays for a fair bit longer. This is like a flash lava

    That being said, I like this series and these maps, even if the ‘special’
    aspects of these maps are simply played around rather than having a more
    direct influence on the game.

  11. slayerr4365 says:

    damn not watched starcraft in so long lol feels kinda hard to watch it
    anymore for some reason >.>

  12. MonkeyboyGWW says:

    stop using the word committal! its not used like that

  13. Rngd Qc says:

    why do you keep repeating that he doesn’t make money with tournaments..
    it’s just awkward thing to say lol

  14. Eric Kim says:



  15. Zac Teeples says:

    OMFG, blizzard. You gotta nerf these medivacs, they’re TOO good against

  16. ShielD Stasis says:

    MMA OP! Is there rly any games he don’t win? i can’t remember any where he

  17. Anju Maaka says:

    Am I the only one who got strangely annoyed by Husky keeping the Units tab
    and not the Production tab open for several minutes at the start?

  18. Jamie Lancashire says:

    You lie Husky!
    TB has more YouTube money than god!

  19. alex valsing says:

    new hud !

  20. Martin Bravo says:

    I thought TotalBiscuit said he was doing it for the money.

  21. dikkeroege says:

    Do you have more Axiom games Husky? TB didn’t upload that series because
    something sent wrong with the recording.

  22. joeychgo says:

    Not you too with the shoutcraft!
    — damn, another channel lost

  23. Tristan Shelton says:

    Oh goody, another boring PvT. Guess which one wins!

  24. Raging Reaper says:

    This should be mixed with IMBALeague & Bronze Heroes put together

  25. Aleksey Makin says:

    It would be cool if they made one of those maps where unit freeze and you
    have to like get some thing to be immune to that

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