22 comments on “Signature MMA Submission Hold – Drewcifix”

  1. guyyyyyyyyy123456789 says:


  2. DyN45tY says:

    It has the same effect almost as the Neto Spine Lock, look it up

  3. Tom Saint says:

    Looks good, so many other options from there if it fails! May have to give it a go.

  4. Demonstormlord says:

    If nothing else, tapping someone with this is sure to be hilarious. Thanks for the upload!

  5. Brendan Gemini says:

    type in KwonKicker or GingerNinkaTrickster. MMA surge is all about diversity, learn from a Taekwondo expert…..you’ll thank me. So will I believe it’s Andrew that runs this site ha ha.

  6. Brendan Gemini says:

    I like it……..you use a baseball bat grip or anything while rolling, assuming you’ve hit this at some point?

  7. drpnasty28 says:

    This looks really hard to do in a real match the timing has to be perfect

  8. Koppakuoriainen says:

    Cool =). Is this a legal BJJ submission? (Whitebelt)

  9. super lemons says:

    i thought this move is called crucifix? jk =D

  10. Wildsurf75 says:

    Frikin love this show

  11. MMA Surge says:

    Try it out. It’s a “feel” move. With the right angle of torque, it really jacks guys up. Most MMA fighters have rather tight shoulders, due to the way that most guys train. There are a lot of transitions from this and variations of how to get in it. Ill slowly incorporate that into the system.

  12. MMA Surge says:

    Just keep pulling and extending similar to if you have someone doing the armbar defense. You always gotta be able to battle a defense and be able to either break the grib by being tricky. Or transitioning to a cool move. Try it out first and then let me know what you think.

  13. Павел Ш says:

    Thank you that show unusual techniques. This I have never seen before.

  14. MMA Surge says:

    I know sir.

  15. aj kelly says:

    I feel like people would just use the arm bar defense and grab their hand to defend it

  16. zachary elevario says:

    I’m gunna try this tonight

  17. Zachary Prinzbach says:

    I feel like people would limp arm out pretty fast after your sliding your grip up his arm. The arm lock looks like it would be more reliable.

  18. mateoramirez221 says:

    darle a like!!

  19. boxx88sambo says:

    Manny people want spinning hook kick tutorial, plz make one.. =(

  20. Manny Garcia says:

    First! :D

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