10 comments on “Skilled: MMA Fighter “Ronda Rousey” Is The Female Beast Mode! | Video”

  1. Scumbag FaZzy says:

    This the type of chick that you would never cheat on because she will bust
    your ass.

  2. Alexander Patrick says:

    damn that gave me some chills bruh especially the end

  3. Daniel Hill says:

    She is the best female fighter in the world. 

  4. thericate says:

    jon jones is a coke head

  5. mrnikodobson says:

    beautiful! You should make a conor mcgregor highlight with this soundtrack

  6. hurrimaburr says:

    Stolen from Muzone´s channel, video stole nis named Ronda Rousey – Boss.

  7. amphibdriver1 says:

    Slaughter house in a blouse!

  8. K-Sean Donovan says:

    What’s the name of the music? 

  9. Matthew Conner says:

    She is a beast.

  10. dennislopez27 says:

    The name of the background music please

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