10 comments on “Slam knockouts in mma”

  1. Mmm MMA says:

    This is probably my 5th time I uploaded this, it was blocked because of
    Hughes/Newton and Maynard/Emerson. If you wonder why the look a bit
    different.. I ended up with so much material for my throws/trips/slams
    video that was supposed to be next so I decided to make this first.

  2. dusty616l says:

    lol joe rogan sounds like a kid in the gray menard self knock out 

  3. Devin Mccallum says:

    It”s brutal Kos all day i’m lovin this!

  4. Walt Rowen says:

    Those girls at 3:50, was a foul, the girl on top head-butted the girl on
    the bottom.

  5. Justin Foontez says:

    HOLY FUCK. What Fight is @ 6:41 ?

  6. advocatefish d says:

    Man what the fuck is up with some of these refs. The person is clearly out,
    stop the fight.

  7. Lachlan fleming says:

    So man screaming bitches

  8. Adán Pérez Solano says:

    two words … brain damage

  9. Justin Foontez says:

    makes me think twice of throwing my legs up now

  10. Kikamah says:

    amazing video bro

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