Slam knockouts in mma

A compilation of slam / throw / self knockouts in mma. Music: Tobaggan by Silent Partner Hey Sailor by Letter Box Garage Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Open Highway by Silent Partner Morning Stroll…

10 comments on “Slam knockouts in mma”

  1. Mmm MMA says:

    This is probably my 5th time I uploaded this, it was blocked because of
    Hughes/Newton and Maynard/Emerson. If you wonder why the look a bit
    different.. I ended up with so much material for my throws/trips/slams
    video that was supposed to be next so I decided to make this first.

  2. dusty616l says:

    lol joe rogan sounds like a kid in the gray menard self knock out 

  3. Devin Mccallum says:

    It”s brutal Kos all day i’m lovin this!

  4. Walt Rowen says:

    Those girls at 3:50, was a foul, the girl on top head-butted the girl on
    the bottom.

  5. Justin Foontez says:

    HOLY FUCK. What Fight is @ 6:41 ?

  6. advocatefish d says:

    Man what the fuck is up with some of these refs. The person is clearly out,
    stop the fight.

  7. Lachlan fleming says:

    So man screaming bitches

  8. Adán Pérez Solano says:

    two words … brain damage

  9. Justin Foontez says:

    makes me think twice of throwing my legs up now

  10. Kikamah says:

    amazing video bro

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