10 comments on “Spencer Lazara delivers stone cold knockout in MMA debut in TuffnUff w/ Slow Motion”

  1. Andy Ramirez says:

    you are not gonna let this go are you? lol. great job man. it was a sweet

  2. David Marquez says:

    Was this ammy or pro?

  3. TheMrjoebx8 says:

    Great knockout but 2nd round and they are that tired 

  4. sirjohnrambo says:

    Guy reminds me of strange brew from season 1 of TUF the guy who Chris Leben
    pissed on his pillow got a nice KO on this vid

  5. Lousson2695 says:

    Congratulations, Spencer…..

  6. juicemang32 says:

    Hell yea spencer good shit

  7. FreeForAllOnRust says:


  8. Teh1337geek says:

    spencer interviewed himself post fight

  9. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    Nice! Congratulations brother!

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