25 comments on “Sports KO Of The Week: Alaskan MMA Fighter Turns Into An U!”

  1. Aaron Randall says:

    I’m deaf right now

  2. Eric C says:

    Is the cage okay?

  3. Dave B. says:

    That guys assault fists should have a two knuckle limit.

  4. jeganmic says:

    is he alive?

  5. M Tenold says:

    Damn it, now I can’t hear out of my right ear.

  6. Funnyforlike20 says:

    I don’t think this guy got knocked out, I think he was just listening to his headphones when he clicked on this video.

  7. PaintballWorldPB says:


  8. James Taylor says:

    25 people died watching this video.

  9. Renkspoiss says:

    I thought this kind of falldown could happen only in cartoons.

  10. Barrack Obama says:

    Go to Google, and type: pic of fame.com

  11. sanfordrm says:

    His reaction, arching the body backward like that, is called decerberate posturing. It ranks a 2 (out of 6) in the Glasgow Coma Scale. It is a major indication of brain dysfunction following major trauma or iillness. A condition bad enough to have this kind of body response is serious enough to inflict serious brain damage and spinal cord injury, if it didn’t kill him. I really am surprised he was walking around after this. Son, get yourself to a Neurologist immediately!

  12. shamsul750821 says:

    Can i fight u..?

  13. CodeZycrux says:

    R.I.P Headphone Users

  14. jimbo081 says:

    WARNING, turn your volume down before watching

  15. capsforcup8 says:

    are they playing inside a tornado?

  16. MrSaluteMeOrShootMe says:

    Finish him…………and then death

  17. rolawrence036 says:

    that sucks heh, thats what internet is all bout people stealing shit claiming its theirs

  18. Collin Reuter says:

    This dick weed steals my own video of my own fight and reposts it and somehow yahoo puts it up on my interview instead of mine! Lol! 420k views so far

  19. Tellthatruth says:

    Damn, “U” got KTFO!!!

  20. mark200666 says:

    lol.he needs to get a real job like im sure his family and friends are saying but not all to his face

  21. buffaloborn71 says:

    Microphone actually doubles as an insemenator for cattle, and was just used before this video !

  22. juvygenius says:

    My thoughts in video form: 4NRGzxCNvo4

  23. Executnr says:

    scary just watching it

  24. tkboonpa says:

    Straight knocked the f^*$ OUT!!!!

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