25 comments on “Starbow! – MMA vs Ryung – TvT – CUSTOM MAP”

  1. HuskyStarcraft says:

    Axer and Aciom = new top pro teams obv #TypicalHusky (dont cast while
    trying to recover from no sleep guys)

  2. lala mama says:

    when he first mention abt “vultures” I thought I was watching brood wars
    lol :P

  3. danpt2000 says:

    I don’t understand why these pros, seems to leave red tanks alive, just
    couple more hits from vultures and dead tank. 

  4. Grindy says:

    Would love to see Jaedong on this map =)

  5. zhadez10 says:

    More Starbow please !!!

  6. Szajrovsky says:

    Problem with hd :c

  7. 1337n00binc says:

    So TB is evil, okay, message gotten.

  8. 7007King0770 says:

    Everyone is buff says Husky, everyone except the Goliath who gained weight
    sense brood war.

  9. Erebus2075 says:

    more pls

  10. ciro izzo says:

    omfg, did a terran win?

  11. MultiFrogfrogfrog says:

    Husky, there’s an error with the observer program with starbow where it
    counts each vulture in the production tab as 2 vultures, in case you were

  12. IsenseaWarhammer says:

    Ah……brings back good memories!

  13. masdder says:

    Pls ask scarlett and bomber for a starbow match were marines and zerglings
    (and banelings) are disabled

  14. avinotion says:

    What? “…this game is different from brood war and that’s why i like
    From what I’ve seen, SC:BW kept its prominence (at least in Korea) for the
    longest time a computer game ever had, and not until SC2 came out (a couple
    of years in) did the whole franchise’s popularity start subsiding. To me it
    feels like SC2 is eventually going to be the StarCraft killer. Not before
    Blizzard get some money out of this (they got nothing from BW tourneys).
    SC2 isn’t half as good or innovative as the original one, and HotS
    especially. With one of the worst storylines (Jim makes all his way throuh
    WoL to turn Kerrigan human, just so she could turn all Zergy again at the
    beginning of HotS?), copy-paste missions from previous campaigns, a mission
    that feels like it’s a Diablo 3 Boss-fight…
    And the MP- when have we last seen a Swarm Host in competitive play? About
    2 ways only to play Protoss, Zerg: ZvZ is a Muta-fest? Oh I know, I’ll make
    one building have laughable damage against Mutas and people will stop using
    them (that didn’t happen). Infestors in WoL were so good that right before
    HotS came out Zerg were pretty much the ones winning tournaments? Let’s
    instead of balancing and adjusting its main spell (Fungal Growth), put back
    the animation which rendered it useless in WoL (that’s why they removed the
    animation in WoL…). BattleCruisers and Carriers are still useless,
    Marines are still too good to use any other unit in most situations, and I
    really hate how almost everything in SC2 is a glass cannon (Hydras,
    Infestors, Oracles, Widow Mines and more).

    Honestly, this game’s saving grace is The Arcade, its fanbase and people
    like Husky who do what they can to keep the game going.

    So yeah, this is why I feel like this mod is way better than regular SC2.

    Edit: I didn’t write all the things I do like here- that’s because I feel
    it’s self explanatory. Why else would I stay?

  15. MrEricThomason says:

    Husky I know you have the power within you to get Acer Scarlett to play on
    this map. I have faith!

  16. steveocho says:

    Mma got destroyed

  17. Pickle Jaar says:

    Im bronze on sc2 .. but if was a legue of starbow,,, i guess ill be in
    stone legue ..!! so much micro …so much action .. but verry exciting to

  18. Alexander. Bou salguero says:

    When in europe ? :(

  19. Hungry Victor says:


  20. Major2 says:

    flash would DOMINATE

  21. Migs Capalad says:

    Bane? How about Husky Bane? Sounds like a breed of dog. hahahaha

  22. Luke Duncan says:

    sooooooooo cool seeing some of the old units

  23. Charles Hammond Jr says:

    Considering the frequency and mobility of Vulture Kill teams it would have
    been super to limit mobility with simple wall ins.

    Yeah, it breaks the spirit of Brood War (as you couldn’t drop Supply Depots
    underground) but it would have been tactically sound.

  24. mmaker1337 says:


  25. Wooden Fox says:

    wanna see bronze league starbow action O:

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