25 comments on “Stories to Build Upon After UFC 171 on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Killa Kam says:

    Woodley needs to stop trying to be Rashad Evans

  2. therealmo says:

    you should go solo ramdeen should take a hike

  3. ziongite says:

    Lol long live bigg rigg. I seriously doubt that Hendricks will even be able
    to defend it 3 times. Well I guess it all depends who the UFC make him
    fight. If the first 3 in no order are Diaz, Lawler rematch and Condit then
    I think he will lose one of those.

    Now if the UFC feed him guys like Lombard and then Woodley then Hendricks
    could probably defend his belt for 5 times or so. See Woodley and Lombard
    will gas in a 5 round fight and Hendricks has a chin and also he hits back
    hard and has good wrestling and better endurance than those guys. All
    depends what the UFC want to do with Hendricks.

  4. peka400 says:

    Hendricks showed much improved striking I thought lawler would have
    advantage on the feet but Hendricks brought it hard In the first three

  5. aaronCapricorn says:

    hendricks won, but lawler is champ

  6. BIG Poo says:

    Robert Whiteford talks like a 11 year old that just learned his first cuss

  7. HydroBud98 says:

    Lauzon vs. Jury.

  8. Crazy4Tediz says:

    TRYONE ha didnt he get knocked out by marquart? lombard knockout
    marquart? tyrone as champ would be weakly looked at… HENDRICKS IS ONLY
    KRYPTOnite has been rick story which is a difficult puzzle in his own

  9. Case Morg says:

    maynard vs jury

  10. Jonn Jonn'z says:

    Woodley v.s. Lombard for # 2 contender!!!!!!

  11. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Woodley got extremely lucky, third round he wouldn’t have survived. I don’t
    like how Robin and many others give so much credit to injury wins.

  12. Elliot Lees says:

    Good job robin

  13. James Peach says:

    Hell ya Robin Black only

  14. HydroBud98 says:

    I think MacDonald vs. Woodley should be the #1 Contender Fight and Diaz vs.
    Lawler 2 should happen. Diaz vs. Lawler 2 should be the Main Event of UFC
    on FOX 12 so that the fight can be 5 rounds and since Diaz wants a Title
    shot, that fight could be the fight to get the next #1 Contender after
    MacDonald vs. Woodley or before but I would prefer after. Diaz vs. Lawler 2
    could probably even be a PPV Main Event and MacDonald vs. Woodley can be
    the Co Main and just put 3 other great matchups on the PPV card and I think
    that card could do big numbers if promoted right. I also think Lombard vs.
    Kim should happen next for the both of them.

  15. Quinton Tait says:

    I just want to know how condit is doing

  16. Raymond Klawiter says:

    Long live big rig! Luv it. Johnny will do fine hiding his strap. If he can
    consistently make weight… I’d like to see him and Woodley next. Thst be a
    great fight

  17. Bj Coon says:

    Love you Robin Black! 

  18. Jason Adams says:

    It’s got to the stage now at welterweight that if You don’t have very
    strong wrestling You’re not getting near the title

  19. right wrong says:


  20. Vincent Brown says:

    Lol awww, why wouldn’t they let Robin give his opinions and speak on this
    episode rather than just bring up pretty much the newsmakers? I’m sure he
    would’ve did fine for one little episode without Ramdeen and Pollock.

  21. Lucky Patrick says:

    robin black should run this shit all by himself and do all roles…. when
    they have transitions to other scenarios and takes he should be the one
    there too, it would be funny as hell

  22. AJ De Fazio says:

    There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than A Fight.

  23. Mike G says:

    Yes, now this is what i’m talking about! Good job Robin Black, taking over
    this show like a boss!

  24. Andrew Skratt says:

    robin love your knowledge

  25. shredrik says:

    Good job carrying the show alone man, probably wasn’t too bad though
    considering how awesome Saturdays fights were.

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