25 comments on “Street Fight- MMA Fighter Vs. Gangster”

  1. LNxTCB says:

    The “gangster” definitely had a tough gang with him: a bunch of kids just
    trying to get some ice cream.

  2. Bookillzslowly562 says:

    He ain’t no mma fighter if he was he was in his 3rd day of training 

  3. Jason Ferguson says:

    This fagot is not a mma fighter,and if he is he’s the worst MUAY THAI
    fighter I have ever seen 

  4. bablutu says:

    in all these street fights over youtube, i’ve never seen someone try go for
    the takedown and choke his opponent out and stop the fight early…shows
    you MMA develops human mind and educate people to not get in a fight.

  5. james burgess says:

    I don’t even remember posting this yall shut the fuck up for real.

  6. iceveiled says:

    “don’t kick nigga!” LOL. 

  7. DoctorMurder69 says:

    knowing what mount is doesn’t make u an mma fighter

  8. Renzo Martin rosasco says:

    This guy doesn’t knows anything about mma… maybe he only saw some fight
    in tv. This video is poor

  9. bubba says:

    Who fuckin cares if he’s a mma fighter or not? Its a street fight. N if
    that bitch didn’t want kicking then put on some gloves n try to box. I wish
    he woulda landed that straight kick

  10. David Dale says:

    This fag needs to go back to his roach coach selling

  11. LenchB775 says:

    funniest part was when the kid said ” go get a rock stupid ass” XD

  12. Shelmi Rome says:

    who is that mma fighter

  13. Ismael Severino says:

    And with that sportsmanship you deserve a spot on bully beatdown

  14. ธีรยุทธ จึงธีรพานิช says:

    Hahaha is that MMA.?

  15. Hotep Howard says:

    Two wetbacks talking black, looking dumb

  16. Stan Land says:

    lol that black kid was such a fucking pussy, he prob gonna beworkin at
    mcdonalds when hes older

  17. TheJesusNacho says:

    Pretty shitty mma “fighter” tho.

  18. IamBigJonny123 says:


  19. graeme gooch says:

    skinny ass bitch kicking and choking

  20. Raistlin Blumberg says:

    I thought someone was an MMA fighter… :p
    Not some 12 year old who thinks he knows how to fight…I guess he watched
    some UFC and tried to kick? :p

  21. Dino Blacks says:

    Kid does not no how to ground and pound lol

  22. RiPiNLiPcReW says:

    Pussy!!! Hold on! Hold on! Haha 

  23. Anthony Tony says:

    Aww you got this video from that “Cholo” dude whose ego boosted up the ass
    claiming he’s a “Pro” in so little time.

  24. todd vachon says:

    he said “why you kick’n?” hHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHA -kickin yo ass bitch!

  25. dethreveng says:

    LOL! hold on man I got a text.

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