Strikeforce: Frank Shamrock Believes Strikeforce ‘Did The Impossible’

Frank Shamrock talks about his history with Strikeforce and Scott Coker, whether he thought the final card was representative of the Strikeforce brand, Mauro Ranallo’s absence from the broadcast, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click – Check us out on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting

24 comments on “Strikeforce: Frank Shamrock Believes Strikeforce ‘Did The Impossible’”

  1. sagatbalrog says:

    frank shamrock and pat militech are lot better commentators than rogan and goldie. their more fun and entertaining. rogan is too technical. and goldie is just a phrase robot.

  2. ReiseDurchDieZeit says:

    The last turns off the light

  3. ReiseDurchDieZeit says:

    Ariel knows how to make more sad this strikeforce farewell

  4. yb3000 says:

    Haha Ariel .. but it was Shamrock who knocked out Gracie just 20 seconds into the first round. Man is a legend, hope to see him working for UFC.

  5. Karl Hamilton says:

    Frank shamrock should start a organisation, he wouldnt buckle under the pressure to sell to zuffa

  6. 3rdEyEwAtChAlL says:

    Best walk out eva!

  7. lamadre420 says:

    “good night strikeforce, good night”

  8. Martin Ignacio says:

    @euvqocq Yeah this site is just giving out free Pink Apple iPad 2’s for today only. You have to be living in the U.S though but it is all real, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up!

  9. gingerbreadboy says:

    Prffttt dude come on.first LHW champ with 4 defences and unbeaten in UFC and what he did for the sport of MMA, totally deserves it.

  10. titoortiz says:

    best fucking walk out ever. lmao

  11. MMAMELEEdotCOM says:

    Check out all the latest MMA industry videos at our social network

  12. davidson2004fatboy says:

    Nothing but RESPECT for the ” THE LEGEND ” Frank Shamrock. He’s done a LOT and GIVEN a LOT to the SPORT of MMA and is still trying to do more !!! Considering his background and tough upbringing, he DESERVES a LOT of RESPECT !!!

  13. jaganmaster says:

    LMFAO Ariel is witty dickhead.

  14. FROSTHAMMER9000 says:

    I hope they do a best of show like they did with pride.

  15. Alfred Quaye says:

    That was the best ending ever!

  16. ilovedrums1000 says:

    Frank is such a bullshitter

  17. ilovedrums1000 says:

    @mr420 umm no they shouldn’t

  18. mr420 says:

    `he should be in the ufc hall of fame also bas rutten

  19. Zeronightx says:

    Idiots, he’s saying “Cesar Gracie [COMMA/semi-colon, you dumbasses] knocked him out”

    learn some fucking sentence structure

  20. Tranceation says:

    I think that having one organization dominate mma makes mma worse overall. I thought that mma was the most exciting when there was two big mma organizations, UFC and Pride.

  21. FilthyJFK209 says:

    simply incredible on the spot commentary at the end…

  22. myfacehurts31 says:

    That’s it. Thank you. Yeah I just feel like he’s too professional if that makes any sense. When he’s on it feels more like your watching the Olympics or something?

  23. 44cspence says:

    Good riddance strikesucks and frank shamesucks..

  24. TheLilmac10 says:

    john anick

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