Strikeforce: Scott Coker Says Final Strikeforce Event Was ‘Surreal’

Following Strikeforce’s final event, Scott Coker recaps the evening, talks about his employment with the UFC, the fighters he watched develop in Strikeforce, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click – Check us out on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting

24 comments on “Strikeforce: Scott Coker Says Final Strikeforce Event Was ‘Surreal’”

  1. samjs721 says:

    cool dude. not cocky.way more respect for him then king pin bjore ebney. hate that guy

  2. Tyler Shumaker says:

    Coker help make some huge stars and even brought fedor to the US this man deserves a job in the UFC

  3. 2jzgteSupraJZA80 says:

    Coker is awesome…hopefully UFC includes him as part of their behind the scences team

  4. QuietSon82 says:

    If that’s you in your av, than I feel the same way about you

  5. sagatbalrog says:

    we’ll never see cock-er again

  6. apocalypse123 says:

    Please let this motherfucker work with the UFC.

  7. Its2D4Life says:

    Dana White, the Lex Luthor of MMA.

  8. jblitz55 says:

    Coker just looks really relaxed like he’s at peace with being done with Strikeforce. Always a classy guy in his role with the company and if he has the time I’d love to see him try and head something else. I just hope he’s not under utilized in UFC like i think he will be.

  9. BenK8319 says:

    Good to see Coker won’t be out of work in the future, best of luck pal 🙂

  10. Lucas Branco says:

    @yaxzdos Yeah this website here is just sending out 100% free White Apple iPad 2’s for today only. You do have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed my one just before. Get in quick!

  11. breakdancerQ says:

    It’s awesome that SF is merging into UFC to be able to see more fighters fight each other but on the other hand it’s also unfortunate since Strikeforce had good fighters and had so incredible much potential to be as big as the UFC. I think it would’ve been good for MMA if it atleast had another huge organisation beside UFC just like in boxing. It would be make it make it easier for fighters to make it, outside the UFC.

  12. Saebelzahnhamster says:

    True words…

  13. slevinlindsay says:

    competition is good. we don’t need the ufc taking over everything and monopolizing the entire industry.

  14. StubbyMcGonster says:

    I could roleplay perhaps. I’m game if you are….

  15. DarkRenaissance2012 says:

    Coker was Twittering and watching a football game on his phone during StrikeForce’s final event lol… I wont be missing his unremarkable character…

  16. atownlefttrain says:

    Coker is a much better ambassador for the sport than Dana White. But the Don Kings of the world always prevail.

  17. JeremySyrosTroughton says:

    why 3 thumb downs? were you expecting to see Coker riding naked on a unicorn

  18. JeremySyrosTroughton says:

    the UFC having so many shows.. it’d be good to see Coker at the press conferences that Dana cant attend

  19. lilphill419 says:

    I wonder what organization Showtime will pick up.

  20. Ragip Nikita Antonik says:

    Scott Coker is drunk or on drugs….

  21. Brog9 says:

    He has a big ol’ donkey dick

  22. jjohnson218 says:

    I genuinely enjoyed strikeforce. the run was good, the sprint will be better.

  23. debtbully3 says:

    Oh, quit it!

  24. Keith Farrell says:

    Thank you Mr. Coker

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