10 comments on “T.J. Dillashaw Talks Renan Barao Rematch on “Inside MMA””

  1. therealmo says:

    Unfortunately you have to beat dominant champs twice to prove it was not

  2. 3SIXR3 says:

    Tj going lose next fight
    Its like gsp fight with matt

  3. thejokerceso says:

    Penn vs Edgar again. 

  4. nemanja milosevic says:

    Yeah, that excuse is one of the funniest.. I lost because he hit me so hard
    that i dont remember anything, its not fair :)

  5. Chi Raq says:

    Idunno what’s going to happen. TJ never fought like that in his other
    fights so I know it isn’t his true style. I think Renan goes back to the
    drawing board and makes adjustments but at the same time TJ can win the
    same way with involving even more wrestling to score TD points but who
    knows. The pressure is on Barao though. He’s got to figure it out

  6. Jake Frierson says:

    The biggest problem that barao needs to solve is dillashaws ability to

  7. Ivan Reyes says:

    Baroa by tko

  8. EraserTraceur says:

    JDS/Cain was a good rematch. We roliiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  9. EraserTraceur says:

    JDS Cain repeat?? Ohhhh boy. Cant wait.

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