25 comments on “The Best Kicks in MMA”

  1. gymfreakuk says:

    Check out Khalid Ismail vs Wayne Brown – 7 second leg break with 1 kick

  2. just77ran says:


  3. RoseMickelson98 says:

    yep its crazy dude. cant stop laughin at it. how could kareen kapoor do this half-naked in public without any shame??. you would never expected this from her dude.

    if you wanna see just watch it now here > bit.ly/15qMLtE?=ovznm

  4. metalmania7778 says:

    in mma…. #9 was Thai boxing 

  5. Matt Bath says:

    i thought #2 was better than #1 😛

  6. David F says:

    What about Cro Cop getting “Cro Cop’d” by Gonzaga?

  7. GenXXX32 says:

    rashad is a dushbag

  8. UzumakiSpartan118 says:

    El Guapo? =[ 

  9. westside273 says:

    where is the “showtime” kick “ ??

  10. andrew clabby says:

    anthony pettis vs ben henderson?!?!

  11. Victor SG says:

    Cung lee deserves to be in the list

  12. Enrique Duarte says:

    MMA surge… what about Peter Aerts kicks? he is one of the best to me.

    Nice videos! keep them coming

  13. tahir avganov says:

    What about Anderson Silva

  14. MMA Surge says:

    We will have more top tens. These are just fun compilations.

  15. adam22sis says:


  16. Fusion198888 says:

    Some good ones, but imo Anderson Silva vs Belfort and Petis vs Henderson should be in the top 5 without a doubt. Did I even mention Uriah Hall

  17. Lyotodossantos says:

    John Makdessi? His side kicks, axe kicks, hook kicks and spinning back kicks are near perfect technique, he is awesome.

  18. DixxieDuck says:

    Crocop two times in the video, nice one

  19. Toni Tot says:

    Crocop’s kick was the best 😀

  20. pollo1frito says:

    Jose Aldo kicks next.

  21. blender14231 says:


  22. FTMproductions1 says:

    Uriah Hall?

  23. chriscigano11 says:

    What about jds on mark hunt?

  24. chriscigano11 says:

    Silva #1

  25. Cryttan says:

    Showtimes kick should be number 1 and Barbozas kick should be number 2 then Machids/Silva split third with the front kick maybe. But honestly they don’t look that cool. To me they are not even close to third.

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