25 comments on “The Best MMA Knockouts Of 2012”

  1. jonasbarnes10 says:

    What’s the first song

  2. andres sarmiento says:

    espectaculas video!!!

  3. Fede Mathieu says:


  4. TelvanniGuard says:

    Tell that to boxing.

  5. mbchev1 says:

    Oh quit it! Not like anyone is holding a gun to their head making them do it.

  6. l121kg4953 says:


  7. jawswells says:

    God why do you have to play stupid Fucking rap for music!

  8. JustinSane50 says:

    3:26 to 3:46, this is good for you?? this is a bad sport, go play a real sport, the head cant take this much beating, the brain wasnt made to be smacked around

  9. JASIEK999ify says:

    number one song pliss

  10. MrRellenitas says:

    3:26-3:46 Ass Whopping!

  11. Cassius Clay says:

    MMA striking is notoriously lackluster, probably because of the fact that most current MMA fighters find their base in wrestling/grappling. When two wrestlers try to box, it gets unbearably bad and you’ll constantly see them with their hands down spamming overhand rights. Of course, there are good strikers in the octagon, but they’re a rarity. World-class grappling skills, and Div 1 wrestling experience, however; is a dime a dozen.

  12. Ghoulklan1 says:

    I’m not trying to say I’m better than any of these guys, but almost all of these knockouts are weak. No one put up a real guard, you’re never supposed to drop your head when blocking, elbows were wide instead of tucked, it’s basic technique that could have saved them had they used it.

  13. FOXHOUNDNinja says:

    Haha 06:02 herb deans like get your little ass outa here

  14. johnmcconnell120 says:


  15. jACE ofSpades says:

    4:40 - Thats the laziest ref ever.

  16. mark sanchez says:

    OOOOOOOOWWWWWWawawawawawawOOOWWWW!!!!#!!!!!!!!! holy cow!!!!!!

  17. King Dingin says:

    1:47 – Laziest ref. I have ever seen.

  18. bob barker says:

    craziest knockout I’ve ever seen /watch?v=3bShO7y07oc

  19. Andrew Moore says:

    The last one was so nice

  20. DigitalColorsOG says:

    you need to list the songs in the description

  21. hahahahahahahahah70 says:

    Overall I give it a 9.8 out of 10. minus .2 for music

  22. hahahahahahahahah70 says:

    Video is 100% better when it’s on mute because this music sucks lmao

  23. beau3894 says:

    What art of war song is it

  24. frankinstyyn says:

    One of the best elbows I have ever seen at 4:54

  25. weaselychicken says:

    Lavar Johnson at 3:45 damn that is vicious

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