The Best of The MMA Hour 2014 Edition (Volume 1)

On this “best of” edition of the show, we’ll feature some of our most memorable interviews of 2014. Here’s who you will hear from: Mirko Cro Cop, Rory MacDonald (in studio), Nick Diaz, Ronda…

25 comments on “The Best of The MMA Hour 2014 Edition (Volume 1)”

  1. PlantsAsMedicine says:

    Love mma fighting but your website never works properly, please fix it.

  2. Wesley Stevenson says:

    The best of? And your starting off with Rory and Diaz? Great fighters yes,
    but I can’t bear to hear them talk for 30 minutes. Rory with his one word
    answers and nick rambling on…. Sigh

  3. Blue Rose says:

    Nick Diaz, always the best. 

  4. 4g63mark says:

    Nick sounds like he’s stoned and autistic

  5. burlhorse89 says:

    luv that Rory Macdonald interview-makes him seem human

  6. TheVJProduction says:

    man can you imagine crocrop vs rampage in pride. goddam!

  7. Jeff G says:

    Nick “What About The Money” Diaz.

  8. Eric The UFB says:

    The Frankie Edgar interview is damn great.

  9. Gorilla Mode says:

    ariels hairline is the 8th wonder of the world

  10. Tatiano Granillo says:

    so you reuploaded this fucking videos and put em together??? fuck +
    MMAFightingonSBN +Ariel Helwani DISLIKE 

  11. Chris Wong says:

    4 hours holy good fuck

  12. *K131399* says:

    volume 1? lol

  13. DamianTheFarmer says:

    After listening to GSP clearly and carefully, and using all my predicting
    skills possible…I have no idea what George wants/needs.

  14. Jeff G says:

    Haha Mirko is a good sport lol

  15. dylan warden says:

    Please do this next year for all the mma hours 

  16. Cody Auchh says:

    you used the nick diaz thumbnail for views. dont lie homie.

  17. MrWackywilson says:


  18. Stenli Dinev says:

    1:13:44 you get a bj lol Ariel was a bit too creepy in that Rory interview

  19. Grilla G Realer says:

    Edwards. best interview of the year

  20. Wezzuk1 says:

    Must have taken forever to upload this.

  21. mario6sic6 says:

    who has 4 n a half hours to sit on youtube?!

  22. sirbrad4 says:

    As if anyone is going to sit and watch this for 4 hours. I can barely stand
    listening to Ariel for 20 minutes.

  23. philipee32 says:

    Gsp always Sounds Out Of Breath now. 

  24. Nuwanda84 says:

    i hate these shitty phone call interviews. its like they’re on the moon. do
    the skype/TV thing, have them in or stop doing interviews. nobody wants to
    hear these idiots with those shitty phone lines talk for an hour. cant
    understand a single word.

  25. Shen Halfzware says:


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