25 comments on “The Best of the MMA Hour 2014 (Volume 2)”

  1. 4891issuJ says:

    You gotta get Matt Serra on more often. He’s just fun by default, that’s
    reason enough.

  2. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

    Ariel makes more money than 75% of the guys in the UFC roster… What a
    joke. Pay your fighters Dana!

  3. Eddie ™ says:

    Matt Serra is always gonna be in my top 10!

  4. Jeff G says:

    Conor is annoying as fuck. I don’t mind the attitude and the constant
    babbling, but its not witty or relevant it’s the just annoying.

  5. TruthSeeker says:

    I think Pride fc had a much better scoring system !!! going on the talk
    about the 10 point must system. the guy who wins the fight should win the
    fight, not a point scoring bullshit pretend fight. it should be done in a
    way that the guy more willing to fight and does more damage throughout the
    fight wins !!! fighting isn’t holding a guy for 5 minutes stalling the
    fight to prevent the fight rather than just fucking fighting the opponent !!
    and to the people who don’t agree and say shit like “its not smart to do
    that” …. well don’t be in the fucking fight business then !!!! the money
    paid is to watch fucking 2 men fight, not 1 man fight and another run away
    or point score while doing hardly any damage (gsp) !!

  6. Hyper Nova says:

    I fucking love Matt Serra. 

  7. TruthSeeker says:

    Matt Serra is not just a humble guy but he is also so genuine !!!
    I could watch him speak for 4 hours himself. great guy !!!! I love seeing a
    guy have a bit of character and not try to put on an act.
    the Man who made GSP scared to ever “fight” again !!! ;)

  8. Eric The UFB says:

    Conor destroyed Cole long before the actual fight. I felt bad for Cole in
    this interview.

  9. DarkBungleX says:

    Rory is not different or likeable. He is the single most boring dude on the
    planet. I mean that in an interview not in the ring

  10. TheOoze06 says:


  11. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    lolz Matt Serra is hilarious

  12. Alan Jones says:

    Alistair Overeem 1:52:00
    McGregor & Miller 2:41:34
    DC & CM Punk 3:23:26
    Mark Hunt 3:48:59
    Chris Weidman 4:06:33

  13. Gregory Stone says:

    The Renato Laranja Show is better than the MMA Hour. Ariel did NOT want to
    talk about Renato Laranja. 

  14. calvin corniel says:

    please have matt serra back in the program, awesome dude

  15. Graeme Mitchell says:

    Matt Serra – best studio guest ever. “Fight Camp Insider” would be a great
    idea. He comes across as a completely down-to-earth, refreshingly open &
    honest guy, also the funniest character in MMA. Absolute Legend.

  16. Hannibal Lecter says:

    Matt Serra has to make some type of Media stuff. He´s so funny and such a
    good talker!

  17. nicos808 says:

    i could listen to Serra all day. I used to dislike him when he was on
    TUFF. What a gun. UFC should employ him as a presenter. He’s the right
    balance of crazy and crazy.

  18. Mister Misogyny says:

    Matt Serra is fucking hilarious! Try comedy!

  19. BigGee614 says:

    it was better when you guys did mash ups of the funniest/most memorable
    moments of the year

  20. MrDJFIVEO says:

    Lmfao at Matt Serra. He’s just so funny! 

  21. TeamkillerHenry says:

    The Matt Serra episode is easily the best one yet, he needs to be back on
    the show in 2015!

  22. Brian Bonell says:

    Serra needs to have his own show!

  23. TheHurricane2k says:

    The mma hour with Matt Serra was just fucking fun love that dude !

  24. belgid says:

    I can watch the Matt Serra part all day.

  25. M1R2S says:

    LMAO Cheddar makes it better

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