13 comments on “The best upkicks in mma”

  1. dusty616l says:

    its so dumb u cant legally up kick in the ufc. if some1 can knock you out
    with punches from the top. you should be able to knock them out from the
    bottom. i still think face stomps n shit are terrible and should still be

  2. The_Vexed_One says:

    Can’t believe that upkicks are illegal. I don’t see how upkicks are any
    more dangerous than a standing head kicks.

  3. theubc says:

    spinning vid got taken down?

  4. mohd rami says:

    Your videos are very unique I hope u become big on youtube
    I think that u have the potential keep the amazing videos going

  5. Han Tei says:

    Man Mmm MMA youre a fucking beast! I hope u make the highlight of Conor Mc

  6. misterzeerow says:

    fantastic monstage sir,

    keep them coming please.

    If you take requests think about doing a body shot montage please

  7. Devin Mccallum says:

    Wonderful editing!!

  8. ybadboy13ybadboy13 says:

    using legging to fight… that girly shit. To me it look like a baby on
    back crying like a little bitch!

  9. Rohan The Abuser says:

    Up kicks should be legal from the botttom. There would be less stalling!

  10. Jordan Pompeu says:

    Belo trabalho!

  11. Jeff M says:

    badass upkick knockouts

  12. infinityglove says:

    gymnopedie no 1 was a great choice there.

  13. theubc says:

    capoeira inspired kick and punch montage is needed excellent stuff tho

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