25 comments on “The Biggest Referee Mistakes In MMA”

  1. EvilSecondTwin says:

    How can that female referee be so stupid?!

  2. Mixedhero says:

    Many of these aren’t even bad stoppages. As long as u defend yourself it’s all good.

  3. tacticalimpact98 says:

    on the fight with the girls they were throwing knees while she was on the ground that’s enough just to stop it there..

  4. MrLaughinalways says:

    Big john has had some bad calls but noone is perfect, and even his worst call ever doesn’t compare at all to the common mistakes mazzagitti and kim make.

  5. MrLaughinalways says:

    Steve Mazzagatti is incompetent. And what the fuck asking matt hamill if he was done? Why? Was he going to allow the fight to continue based on that… if so someone needed to inform matt hamill via sign language or at least make sure his eyes are open so he can see your lips. Holy shit Steve is a fucking idiot.

  6. Bulldogsfan5 says:

    Kim winslow and Mazzagatti r the worse refs in mma

  7. Andrew Darroch says:

    The first UFC event you mean

  8. Steven Campbell says:

    I couldnt even watch all of this stupid shit! Why the hell arent these refs fired or something?!?! I would never let someone get the shit beat out of them in a futile position…especially if they are already knocked out!!! What the hell.. T_T

  9. bazookataj says:

    No one swears by Mazzagatti. He sucks

  10. frank mir says:

    cain veleasquez!

  11. frook28 says:

    Good video

  12. Mark Rothermel says:

    no one swears by mazzagatti nd the only reason big john has so many is cuz hes the only ref to have been doing it since the first mma event ever

  13. JDiesel301 says:

    idk bro, that chick kim winslow is realllllly bad lol

  14. ibreedh8 says:

    What is funny is the main two refs everyone swears by (mazzagatti and big John) were all up in the bad calls.

  15. xXMoop ManXx says:

    this is why i dont watch this 3:11 - 3:24
    the guy is leaking from his head wow

  16. Patrick Kelliher says:

    06:56 that wasn’t a mistake…You have to wait until you see the person gone…He might have been just struggling to hit back…

  17. d314j4 says:

    Rousey is so damn hot.

  18. d314j4 says:

    Some of these are downright scary.. cant believe how incompetent some of these refs are.

  19. Alex Jakian says:


  20. James Holmes says:

    You are legit retarded if you don’t realize that was a bad/corrupt stoppage. Thompson was way ahead on the score cards.

  21. Pete Madeley says:

    what numbers the fight at 8:06 ??

  22. godwyn walker says:

    great video man you done well !! i have never seen a bad call from the fer ever in the ufc but now ….ive seen enough ;D!!!! bad calls or what !!!

  23. Tyler Martin says:

    I fight for a living and some of the refs need to quit. Also Kingdom482, i seriously doubt you have stepped into a cage so take your comments down good sir.

  24. Spo0n99 says:

    this is my first time watching mma and these fucking refs are making me so pissed off,

  25. syncopoly says:

    someone should tell that cunt ref in the cyborg fight that it’s not a death match. That was the only mma fight I’ve ever walked away from, because it was too hard too watch.

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