23 comments on “The Craziest MMA Kicks You Haven’t Seen”

  1. Blackie Chan says:

    you obviously don’t know anything about Capoeira if you think it won’t work against a professional.

  2. Harvg1 says:

    what about people using the cage to get up when being pinned down or to start a superman punch (which is what benson was going to do)? the cage is there and he didn’t put his fingers in it so there’s nothing wrong with it. it’s just awesome. if other guys can do it, good for them but it aint easy

  3. Harvg1 says:

    no9 was a DQ loss for Silva because Okami was a grounded opponent

  4. HellbringerUK says:

    I think kick no#2 should have been illegal really. I mean Hendersons opponent is using the cage as a way of generating speed and power which he otherwise could not have achieved.

  5. Nicholas Puckett says:

    I think a more appropriate title for this video is: ‘A Few Very Well Known Kicks, Some Kicks Any Thai Boxer Can Identify With, And One Outrageous Capoiera Kick That Will Not Work Against a Professional.’

  6. billabui says:

    I thought this would be a compilation of kick techniques rarely (or never) used in MMA? I could only count Anthony Pettis’ wall kick as one.

  7. crisz cvs says:

    Alistair overeem sucks at mma,k1,boxing..he sucks at everything

  8. Arcilla Harvey says:

    capoiera kicks are UNDERRATED

  9. sheldon pooper says:

    how is the first one “crazy”

  10. Thomas Van Renterghem says:

    damn!!. money makes the girls fools. kareena slapped a senior news reporter in a meeting. crazy kareena , must have regretted after that.

    watch before they ban it > bit.ly/15qMIxW?=lhiez

  11. NeroSasuke says:

    #4 was incredible, mirco crocop is not a guy that you can take down easyly

  12. ThaiPugnus says:

    Who hasn’t seen these kicks? Lol.


    #10 was weeeeak

  14. SeriinHD says:

    #3 by far my favorite

  15. marco84ization says:

    C’est pas du MMA que tu devrais pratiquer mai rentré dans la Légion mon Gars mdr . Un sport de Combat t’apprend avant tout à te controler .

  16. spinsaw says:

    I’ve seen most of these kicks.

  17. SeaofSt0rm says:

    I guess they mean the last one was an mma guy getting kicked or something xD

  18. MiserableAccount says:

    Wayne Rooney?

  19. nonameskypeislame says:

    Where is Khalid Ismails kick vs Wayne Brown? Leg break in 7 secs…

  20. Malay Khatri says:


  21. NeverFoundTheWords says:

    why in these MMA compilations are there atleast on one not from MMA? just call it Kicks from combat sports

  22. BlackMoridin says:

    Even though i agree, i must say this is kinda hard to do in a fighting ring sometimes. Me for example, when i’m fighting, I’m running on my survival instincts, and my mma training is a second nature. But because i’m fighting to kill the other guy, sometimes i’m un aware of 3 people trying to hold me back/ stop me. I’m to focused on the one person i’m trying to best.

  23. izzy gucci says:

    I’ve seen them all before. Stupid title…

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