8 comments on “The Greatest MMA Fights Of All Time”

  1. Sphinx Vids says:

    Hmm just a general question for you guys? Would you all be interested if I
    made more videos to expand the list? 25-50? 100? While trying to rank them
    I had to score a lot of fights that were great but just fell short of the
    top 25. And Thanks everybody for watching!

  2. Eric42RandomMagic says:

    You made a masterpiece, it seems from the highlights you showed the mauler
    beat bones, is that your true opinion?, also great song choice and you
    should expand after July 11th so we can see if Aldo McGregor comes on here.
    My favorites were Stann W.Silva, Bones, the Mauler, and Hendo Shogun 

  3. sorrysthat says:

    Congratulations Sphinx Vids!!! a lot of time have passed since i haven´t
    seen a good MMA vid

  4. the Don says:

    jds vs stipe miocic,,

  5. tcekilla2 says:

    Epic video, well done. you should have added cyborg/manhoef in there

  6. Daski69 says:

    Fedor Crocop with Ref Cam =’ )

  7. Gatti Forever says:

    Good List Bro

  8. The Dark Volta says:

    Shogun Hendo was ridiculous! Cro Cop Fedor ranked too high imo 

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