25 comments on “The Harlem Shake – MMA Fighters GONE WILD Extended (ELITE PRO SERIES EDITION)”

  1. ambiebabyy says:

    hahah sexy guys

  2. trancetasy says:

    looks like a gay rave

  3. Rahul Chatterji says:

    50 cent

  4. Jon Bentley says:

    0:23 Colonel Sanders appears.

  5. John Liu says:

    Did anyone else notice that was the only black guy (darkest guy) in the whole room?

  6. sigmadawn says:

    Oh wow sunny d..

  7. 6240940 says:

    lol qeen hoe

  8. RifatSahin says:

    Ian popps op at 23 seconds mark!! LOLLLED my f ass off 😀

  9. Dmitry Manhattan says:

    why no ring girls? 🙂

  10. Nancy Mondragon says:

    “Blood Money” Dawm you looking bomb!!!!!

  11. jim034 says:

    Joe “Blood Money” Bryant was one of the fighters in both of these vids too! The largest mass of humanity in the shot! LOL!

  12. jakville says:


  13. John Chatman says:

    This is CLASSIC!

  14. Aubert Pongoh says:

    hahaha this one is pretty funny

  15. mmaelitevideos says:

    BTW, thank you all for watching and appreciate you guys spreading the word on this! Wonder if we can get this to 1 million?

  16. mmaelitevideos says:

    IT IS STEVE JOBS! or isn’t it…. hmmmmmm.

  17. bhernandez1217 says:

    I do lift and I probably lift more than you sexist pigs

  18. Vidmastercrew says:

    I can beat em

  19. SuperSenescence says:

    Hey girls, do you even lift?

  20. Theoddballgirl says:

    the dude at the desk looks like steve jobs:)

  21. Joshua Langer says:


  22. Jaycee531 says:

    Think this is the most of the song I’ve heard so far

  23. Kelsey Parry says:

    I didn’t like the Harlem Shake…until now 😀 <3 So much love for these guys everyone did an awesome job 🙂

  24. Серик Кадырбеков says:

    Винни бревно))

  25. joeshowradio says:

    Best commercial ever.

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