The Harlem Shake – Original MMA PROFESSIONAL Fighters (ELITE PRO SERIES EDITION) – Alden’s office extended version with the fighters here MMA Stars King Mo, Babalu Sobral, Ian McCall, Cisco Rivera, Vinny Magalhaes, Reuben Duran, Alden Halpern and the Elite Pro Series/ MMA Elite staff do the harlem shake!

25 comments on “The Harlem Shake – Original MMA PROFESSIONAL Fighters (ELITE PRO SERIES EDITION)”

  1. M1KEdeezy says:

    At least one? I’m sure all of them can kick your ass.

  2. MrRojas says:

    King mo….. Yesssss

  3. Kimbo Slice says:

    King mo haha

  4. JiMmY sAidz says:

    haha that’s awesome

  5. ItsLeo214 says:

    I would go in there and call them all fags but I’m pretty sure at least one of them could kick my ass….

  6. Darkslayer267 says:

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  7. yeelegit says:

    the dude doing the swim hahahah

  8. TubeYourPartyInHD says:

    Is that King Mo from tna?

  9. kharlRedda says:

    ahaahha king mo

  10. poltrona29 says:

    doooope shit !!! 😀

  11. MMA Smartass says:

    I love how someone rolls through the crowd on a long board! lol

  12. kalipolos says:

    right before the beat dropped, i was looking to the guy in front of the mannequin, i was like uh oh, some freaky shit is gonna happen

  13. y0White says:

    0:23 guys on far left is like hell yea imam climb this wall… 0:26 he is like aint nobody got time fo dat

  14. FMMML says:

    That awkward moment when people care about likes.

  15. AlbertoHernandez says:

    wow really gay

  16. Sharlei Deltang says:

    awkward moment when you watch Harlem Shake videos for like an hour and your about to type it up to get like but someone already did before you……

  17. JuhJayCeeh says:

    I see Bart or joes Hat!

  18. xXSKyDragonXx says:

    especially with the GUY with the CROWN he looks like TONY from MARTIN i was laughing my ASS off ^^

  19. Adriana Cervantes says:


  20. ale gomez says:

    The song says in Spanish “ with the terroristas”

  21. jim034 says:

    Joe Blood Money Bryant was in there as well. Who can miss that BIG ass frame?

  22. chrisavila1172 says:

    You know it’s going to be legit when you have Uncle Creepy eating..

  23. mmaelitevideos says:

    UNCO SAME!!! hahahah… had the rock the hat!

  24. ashkonsVIDEOS says:

    Watch it without any music, looks ridiculous! haha

  25. georgeyboy2000 says:

    Uncle Creepy !!!

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