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  1. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    Pettis vs Henderson for the LW title cant wait for that one! I’m kinda glad TJ Grant got out lol..It would look like an average UFC fight if TJ fought for the title..its because hes just not a big name fighter. Pettis Bendo rematch can’t wait!

  2. blahblahblah85637 says:

    There is truth to that, however Silva’s been doing it for 7 years. If he spent more time at 205 he probably wouldn’t have the records he does. Like I said before, I’ll eat my words if Weidman wins the rematch. But I can’t put him in the top 10 untill he does. Just to prove he didn’t have a ‘Mat Sera’ moment.

  3. EllisCarver says:

    I give Luke credit. He was saying for months that Weidman would win.

  4. Johnny TheMUSICmaN says:

    where here?

  5. Johnny TheMUSICmaN says:

    The pressure was off him…… sort of like the feeling you get after taking an exam…..relief…
    but then after rethinking it…. he will come back to win…. nothing better than the win feeling…

  6. Sinamatics says:

    Pettis Vs Henderson wouldve been good to talk about lol

  7. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    And Anderson Silva. LOL. “He’s a victim of a weak division”… Well, shit. Then so is Anderson Silva. If we’re being fair, then Anderson Silva was a great champion, but his division was weak as hell. If you want to throw that into the equation, then it must work both ways. If he gets KO’d in the first round, he probably won’t be in the top 10 P4P, no. Funny how it works, right? “How does getting KO’d or KO’ing someone change you as a fighter?” … MMA: Where not everything makes sense.

  8. buktomsin says:

    +_+ Silva in his prime would’ve absorbed that shot and then raped him, but he was reality checked, so now he’ll simply block and tko weidman. Any knowledgeable fight fan can see this a mile away. Chris is good, just not ‘that’ good.

  9. blahblahblah85637 says:

    And if he gets KO’d in the first round of the rematch, is he still top 10? What notable victories does he fall back on, Munoz and an undersized Mia. He’s a victim of a weak division.

  10. eric howie says:


  11. maternalbanjo says:

    Just imagine weigh ins.

  12. maternalbanjo says:

    Silva vs Diaz. Most entertaining fight ever.

  13. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    I agree completely, but being knowledgeable doesn’t take away the fact that you are a douchebag.

  14. Jaejgaren says:

    He just spent 15 minutes of his last podcast or whatever stating over and over again he was right and how he was pissed about the trolls trolling him, yeah talk about mature. About weidman winning that is. he’s okay aslong he sticks to the mma but being mature…. not so much.

  15. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    It must really hurt the dumbass MMA fans that are saying “Silva only lost because he was clowning around, it wasn’t really him out there” when they see knowledgeable guys talk about the sport objectively.

  16. JohnnyJovi says:

    couldn’t of said it better myself, the rest of this year is gonna be awesome as far as title fights go

  17. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    lol, sorry if this is news to you, but he’s easily in the top 10 P4P.

  18. tim mutohfan says:

    i don;t think it was lightning, i think Weidman is very good, i also have a hard time not ranking a sitting champion in at least the top 10 p4p.

  19. TheSupremekai11 says:

    GSP lost is belt in a flash knock out too, then came back in the rematch and dominated and got his belt back. Anderson will do the same. Then it’s on to the SUPERFIGHTS!!!!!

  20. Landon Roberts says:

    I’ve watched UFC from Day 1 …..I’m a big Silva fan cause of his skills not his showboating , although entertaining at times. He never did this with Leben, Franklin 1 or 2, Hendo , Belfort , etc; we see the outcome quite clearly. If Weidman wins re-match then I will concede he just happens to be the one guy at his weight who has his #. By the way, completely agree with you on the P4P Weidman joke. The future is now more interesting at 185, hmmm I think the UFC likes this.Fans are talking

  21. Clymax01 says:

    Shows getting worse

  22. JohnnyJovi says:


  23. JohnnyJovi says:

    well he is 10-0 and the middleweight champ

  24. BGivo says:

    love you spider

  25. tim mutohfan says:

    Spider did what he does. and someone made him pay for it. good for Weidman. hats off. the rematch is an interesting deal. i hate predictions. but i will say, Chis and Anderson better be top form..or the other will take their head.

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