24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 15”

  1. WinterRapalaFishing says:

    BJ/Guida or BJ/Gomi

  2. LiveToBeHated says:

    Wow, having that new dwarf on the panel really makes the rest of these guys look like studs. 

  3. Bobby Clerici says:

    Rhonda is the champ, and Cyborg has already been busted for roids.
    DUH! If Cristiane wants to get serious about her career, ditch Tito Ortiz and lay off the roids. It’s much easier to make weight when you’re not juicing.
    In any other division a contender challenging for a title must make weight.
    And if if Cris is not taking drugs, 135 pounds will be absolutely no problem.
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  4. Bobby Clerici says:

    To suggest Anderson threw a fight is the height of ignorant and an insult to not only the UFC but Anderson Silva as well. This man would never do such a thing, and if you knew anything about Anderson, you’d know better than to spout such drivel.
    It only makes you look like a dolt; suit yourself.

  5. Especiallyinsweden2 says:

    Talk about UFC 165!

  6. ptnguyen216 says:


  7. useless241 says:


  8. Ryne McCoy says:

    But I will watch both.

  9. Ryne McCoy says:

    That Showtime Kick is what makes Pettis fight the one I will not miss.

  10. LaidBackWizzz says:

    without mike this show would last about 10 mins 😛

  11. MadMarkPhx says:

    Rhonda is an all natural athlete. Cyborg is a juice monkey, cheater. PERIOD.

  12. FantasmoISaBeast says:

    silva didnt throw the fight. who would throw a fight by getting their head bounced of the floor. if he was going to throw the fight it couldve been to a sub like the knee bar chris attempted not that exact one but something like that

  13. Shlayg says:

    They made lemons out of lemonade

  14. TheSSpkVids says:

    It pisses me off that Ronda Rousey talks all this shit about Cyborg, but won’t fight her. Cyborg obviously would have a tough time making 135 and she wasn’t a bitch about it and asking Rondo to come to 145, she said she’d fight at an even 140. With the amount of shit Rondo has talked, and the amount of times she has disrespected Cyborg, she should be doing everything in her power to try and fight her. Just blows my mind how you could talk all this shit, then not even attempt to fight someone.

  15. MMAStoopid says:

    Nick Diaz VS GSP 2!!

  16. MMAStoopid says:

    Haha! I love it… Yeah what the fuck is up with those two things….

  17. Zack Martin says:

    Yes the video player on mmafighting needs some debugging, it blue screened my machine at work.

  18. Einstein Albert says:

    Idiot,thats the only word for people like you.

  19. drn8383fuse says:

    I like the MMA Beat, I’ve seen pretty much every roundtable they’ve done. I appreciate the professional commentary and the knowledgeable panel. But, these guys really need to loosen up, maybe put some vodka in those cups or put someone who is funny on the panel. This is MMA, it’s supposed to be fun. Tell a joke once in a while.

  20. Michael Zand says:

    Nr 1 rule for a reporter on how to start criticizing a fighter: start saying that he is or used to be your favorite fighter and how much you like him.

  21. Michael Zand says:

    Wonder if Ariel and Mike fought it out after the show

  22. getgeoclose says:

    Fake an injury = aldo fight with zombie and petis and benson (2 big money makers instead of 1). Throw a fight and we get 2 big money making fights instead of 1. Although, I think Chris would have won anyway!

  23. shinsama3333 says:

    Love these MB’s, been following since Aug. On a side note tho, I wish they would slay that term “get your juices flowing”. Its just so.. out of pocket.

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