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  1. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Ariel is not a real fan, if you think there is to much mma you’re an idiot.

    You don’t have to watch a card if you don’t want to, or you can watch it when you have free time.

    Who cares if the ratings take a dip, you can never have too many free cards. If they have two ppvs and make 100k buys whats the difference if they have one and did 200k?

    Mike speaks the truth about this, it’s not a fans problem that the ratings take a hit.

  2. VermiciousKnids100 says:

    I don’t think he is, watch some of his fights. His timing, distance control, the angles he finds, he’s the real deal man. If he was to lose, I’d still be a huge fan. His fighting talent is incredible.

  3. normalpsychology says:

    I wouldn’t say Sonnnen is exceptional on top. If anything, he’s standard or below standard on top. Look at his record. The average UFC fighter wins 75% of their matches. Sonnen’s record, as of right now, is 67%. Other than a win over an over-the-hill Rua, Sonnen hasn’t truly beaten anyone.

  4. Calogerus Trebatius Testa says:

    LHW has always been overrated in my opinion, I mean that from a technical/athletic perspective. It is the star division since Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, and that’s why people love it, which is great but the fact that these guys pass the belt around for years, doesn’t mean they are all so good, it just means they are mostly equal, until John Jones.

  5. Calogerus Trebatius Testa says:

    Chael Sonnen was basically unknown to the casual fan before he called out and disrespected Anderson Silva’s name, that’s his promotion, attacking Anderson Silva so now we listen to him and wait for him to say crazy shit. Shogun is a legend for ever but he’s never been fantastic off his back, and Sonnen has always been exceptional on top. Maybe if Shogun could take him down more he’d have a chance, I don’t see what people think was going to happen.

  6. normalpsychology says:

    The UFC needs to ADD more fighters. I hate watching the same five guys fight for the titles over and over again. This seriously concerns me.

  7. perbe28 says:

    Thomas Lookin buff

  8. normalpsychology says:

    Agreed. Shogun hasn’t been doing well, at all, over the past few years, but I STILL consider him better and higher ranked than Sonnen, who hasn’t done well, at all, period. Sonnen has one of the worst records in the UFC, rarely finishes fights, has a boring style, and shitty attitude.

  9. normalpsychology says:

    Me, too, you crazy religious extremist, me, too.

  10. jcpand says:

    sorry I MEAN …Thomas

  11. jcpand says:

    I Will never watch this show if Luke R is on it. He is proof MMA has a ways to go. Get rid of that armature. You wrecked a good show.

  12. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    “how can Shogun be ranked above Sonnen when he just beat him” – Ariel.

    Anwser – Shogun might be able to beat 7 of the top 10 guys, and Sonnen can only beat 3 of them. So you you rank Sonnen above because his one win or Shogun for his body of work.

    * I don’t think this is the case I’m just giving an example of why.

  13. jj305456 says:

    So they dont bash Sonnen for TRT like they do Vitor.because is Sonnen is nice to them? What happened to unbiased journalism?

  14. Bowmanganie says:

    I was hoping that showing the entire event would show the UFC that people can tune in for that long and not have to hop all over the damn place to watch the fights. Glad there was good ratings on it and hope that the UFC does the same thing again.

  15. walkerda5nine says:

    UFC 164 card looks awesome, IMO.

  16. FurryFerris says:

    uke, you’re a filthy jew bastard, and I love you for it, but Face the Pain is fucking tremendous, and I would not get as pumped for a PPV without it.

  17. ryanthemadhatter says:

    I hate LiveStream. Youtube for the MMA Beat and Twitch for the MMA Hour is my preference.

  18. walkerda5nine says:

    Face the Pain sucks, i always mute it.

  19. doctordrewl . says:

    I think Askren is going to terrorize the UFC… Watch out Chael, this is the ultimate bad guy. Giddy up!

  20. ryanthemadhatter says:

    I like the rankings (when they’re not a joke like Sonnen’s). I just wished they ranked the top 25. I think this would be great for Brazil fights. This way fans can see how badly the UFC is stacking the cards in favor of Brazillian fighters and their insecure, immature death-chanting Brazillian fans.

  21. ryanthemadhatter says:

    Love having lots of fights to watch. I watch UFC and Bellator any ofr smaller organizations I can find here on YouTube.

  22. yaadontsay says:

    Get rid of wmma in the ufc

  23. yaadontsay says:

    Make a wufc thx god for dvr I ff threw tht garbage

  24. OMNIpotusCOM says:

    Uhm… Face the Pain is awesome.

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