24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 19”

  1. HSVAM says:

    Where’s Luke!

  2. U4GPoRT says:

    the reason everyone wants to see the rematch is because Gus was robbed

  3. Axel Villaseñor says:

    Except for the fact that Shogun was robbed in the first fight.

  4. petermuscle says:

    When Anderson Silva spent more time on his back than he did in his entire MMA career in one fight. He pulled of the greatest stoppage in UFC history. Against a man who had a decisive chemical advantage.

  5. MMA Videos says:

    I am a huge machida fan yet I have to agree.

  6. perbe28 says:

    1,2,4 and 5 Jones

  7. Frank Hunter says:

    Why do people think Gus won that fight? I don’t understand.. yes round were close but Gus clearly did not do enough or put jones in any signifcant trouble in those close rounds, infact Jones was clearly winning octagon control and most effective strikes. Gus needed to put jones in trouble in those rounds to be worthy of getting points over the champion. Even metric stats shows Jones had most octagon control, most strikes over those two close round too. Learn the rules.. seriously..

  8. Hugh Mannity says:

    Its better that a rematch doesn’t happen straight away, this allows for some intrigue. If they fight right away and Jones wins the LHW division wont look good at all.

  9. Marcello Martinez says:

    Cool then, lets do it again… If anything then Jones can have an opportunity to shut everyone up and shine like he always does but, he should just say, I won and lets move on…” What!? Dude…

  10. tom small says:

    They are going to hold off on the Jones Vs Gustafsson rematch, until after BJ Penn Vs Frankie Edgar Ultimate Fighter, then Jones Vs Gustafsson Ultimate fighter will be next!

  11. Marcello Martinez says:

    I think Jones knows Gustafson won the fight. He just doesn’t know how to lose and say “okay, lets do it again to make sure.” He’s so prideful he doesn’t believe he can lose. Got his face worked over in spite of his awesome elbows and overall skill. He just cannot believe he got his butt whooped! JONES LOST THAT FIGHT. Doesn’t want to lose it again because he knows next time title is going to Gustafson and Gatorade is gonna say bye bye.

  12. Kenneth Alexander says:

    At 3:38, Jeff Wagenheim makes a critical point about the UFC being a money making organization and a sanctioning organization. HUGE conflict of interest. For all the talk of corruption in boxing, promoters don’t own the titles. Would be like bowers fighting for the Top Rank belt or the Golden Boy belt. Biggest problem with the MMA business model imo is that it’s about the “sport” or the organization first, the fighters second.

  13. Rossboe1 says:

    Gteatest fight of all time????Are you serious. I really dont think it was that great, there wasn’t really ay moments where it was almos stopped, like in the Shogun vs Henderson. It wasnt nothing compared to that fight.

  14. Coke Snort says:

    when Anderson had a half broken ribb?

  15. Pablo Balea says:

    There seems to be some sort of campaign to justify why Jones won that fight on behalf of ufc and media, Dana needs a leading figure in UFC and now that Silva’s out of the picture he just couln’t afford to loose another dominant champion. The media follows along like a herd, scared to give an honest assessment of the fight… However many times I hear ‘Close but clear victory’ I promise myself never to buy their biased version of what really happened in that octagon.

  16. MetallicanToronto says:

    Dude Rua vs Machida 1 was a highway robbery, Jones vs Gust was not
    check fight metric stat please

  17. april bowman says:

    Coture Rizzo

  18. Peter Orosz says:

    I think anderson silva chael sonnen 1 is the best fight in ufc history. way more exciting and unbeleivable

  19. NESTOR CASTRO says:

    chuck liddell vs wandalei silva g.o.a.t

  20. djchorizo92 says:

    Any show without luke thomas is a good show

  21. WiqedWhiteGorilla says:

    @28 min 40 sec listen to this this establishment brown nosing social climbing satan cock sucking low life piece of trash of a human being spew his hatred for humanity

  22. Oliver Drew says:

    Well, as much as I love the MMA Beat this was not the best episode.
    Discussing the politics of commissions and judging is a divisive issue.
    While I agree that everyone wants to see improvement you have to acknowledge that a commission is not a democracy. This is a big money business and Nevada is a casino / mob town. In that environment there is no way you will see improvement. These problems are indicative of bigger problems within the commission.
    Big John absolutely knows what he is saying.

  23. rcw3403 says:

    Where is Luke Thomas?

  24. R1ckDeckard says:

    The fight was extremely close, both fighters left a lot of health in the Octagon, and in the end we, the fans, won! Some people think that Gustafsson won, and they may be right. Bottom line is the fight was great and it elevated UFC to a higher level in my eyes.

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